Idol Dreams

Idol Dreams Quincy wouldn t have seen this coming in her wildest dreams What ordinary girl next door would Quincy never expected to be swept off her feet by a gorgeous world famous pop star but now that it s ha

  • Title: Idol Dreams
  • Author: Yoko Hanabusa Charlotte Lamb
  • ISBN: 9781593074609
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Idol Dreams

    Quincy wouldn t have seen this coming in her wildest dreams What ordinary girl next door would Quincy never expected to be swept off her feet by a gorgeous, world famous pop star, but now that it s happening, she s not sure she s the right one for him Swept up in the thrill of it all, Quincy is worried that it s all happening too fast.

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      383 Yoko Hanabusa Charlotte Lamb
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    One thought on “Idol Dreams

    1. Mi

      Quincy is stunned - a regular evening on a regular day when suddenly she finds the press knocking at her door. Apparently, she has won a raffle to spend time with her favourite idol, Joe, in London. Although she is a huge fan, she is not about to let her guard down and let Joe know about her feelings.Well, this was rather odd. This was my second Harlequin Pink manga and I mainly got it because, although flawed, I liked the first one I read. This one has an incredibly simplistic plot.I know that [...]

    2. Amy (Books, College, and Other Random Things)

      Quincy views herself as a plain country bumpkin. She’s twenty-two and works for her parents. One evening, she’s fixing supper for her boyfriend and father’s business partner, Brendan. After she hears a knock on the door, she opens it to find that there are members of the press. Before she can react, Joe Ardness, an international pop star, grabs her and gives her a kiss.She is informed that she was the first place winner in a contest that she swears she didn’t enter. Everyone finds out th [...]

    3. Melinda

      I like harlequin. A lot. And I was really excited about harlequin going manga. I mean ridiculously excited. I have some library related co-workers who might have lost a little extra respect for me because of my excitement. But I have to say that I was disappointed in Harlequin Pink. First, I have to get over the pink. I mean the books are neon pink for heavens sake! But that's a cosmetic criticism that wouldn't hold for everyone. But then you have the plot that is stripped of all nuances that th [...]

    4. Miss Ryoko

      I didn't know that this was a thing turning romance novels into manga. I mean, I'm not surprised, that's the popular thing to do these days. I suppose this makes reading the romance novels more appealing to teen girls.Well, my first experience with romance novel turned manga was meh the art was decent in some spots but other times the characters, especially Joe, looked rather silly and weird. And the ending felt super rushed, like the manga artist had it going at a good steady pace but then real [...]

    5. Kay Mcgriff

      I'm starting to get the hang of reading from right to left--and to the variety of topics and genres available through manga. This is a love story that will please readers looking for something light and fluffy. Quincy wins a contest she didn't eve enter (thanks to her little brother Bobby) for a date with pop idol Joe Ardness. Now she is caught up in a weekend of celebrity with her heart torn between Joe (Is he just using her for the publicity) and Brendan (Can her heart still be satisfied with [...]

    6. Kristin

      I'm embarrassed to even own this book. I think I might have bought it at a book fair in middle school. The plot is about as generic as you can get for romance stories. A girl wins a contest she didn't enter to meet a dreamy popstar and love ensues. Besides that, the ENTIRE manga is printed in bright pink ink. Good luck getting through that. I rated this at two stars because the art style is very attractive and well done and that's a lot of the appeal of manga/comic books. Not enough to keep me r [...]

    7. Tiffany

      I enjoyed the plot of this story and if it was a longer story I would probably read it. I have read several of the Harlequin Pink series and this one was a little more "graphic" then the rest. So far all of them have only had a couple/few kisses. In a couple of the books there was a little unbuttoning of shirts. But this one had just a little bit more than that going on.

    8. Janie

      The first ever harlequin manga I read before I even knew the existence of Harlequin! Was brought into my school library as part of the new manga and comics that they recently brought into the library. Thinking back, it's a bit odd that they'd place this inside of a secondary school with 11-16 year olds.

    9. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا

      Years ago, when I was a young teen, Harlequin stories used to shape romance for me. It's not that they're precisely misleading. But they're not accurate though. This was cute, simple and so innocent. But I outgrown such stories.Quincy meets the star of her dreams and falls deeply in love with him in a weekend same goes for Jose who is originally latin. It was cute, but too quick!

    10. Annie M.

      I liked this book, because it has a style that was funny, and very unusual yet sufficed. I this that these two characters were meant to be. And the fact that they met the way they did out of luck and end up more than just in love but depending on each other is an extreme persisted way to conclude loves powerful out come.

    11. Samantha

      Such a wonderful book! A little inapropriate but nothing really. The begining is so grabbing with Joe just coming up to her door and kissing her WOW! I do wonder if there is a sequel or if they get married. Since this book was translated from Chinese you start the book normally were you would end the book. I wonder were this takes place.

    12. Victoria

      This book is about a ordinary girl winning a contest even though she didn't enter. The contest was for a magazine and a pop star. She then had to go to London and do all of this stuff for the magazines publicity. In the end they fall deeply in love.

    13. Jazmin Pardo

      I've read this book 3 times already & planning on reading it again. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes love books. (I wouldnt say its romantic though)I loved it right when i first read it soooo i bought it. :)

    14. languageofrebellion

      Book #2 on the #Cramathon TBR! Be I've officially read 2 books in 24 hours. This isn't a graphic novel but it still counts Right?

    15. Juliana

      I didn't like this book. It was too original. Quincy, the country girl; Joe, the world famous pop star. Love? Of course. No! It just doesn't work like that!!!

    16. Christine

      Ah, even singing pop sensations just want someone to love. *snort* It was hokey, but what else would you expect from something by Harlequin?

    17. Amanda

      It is exactly what you think that you are going to get from a Harlequin Teen pink manga. Extra star for being pink. Like a pink baby unicorn threw up all over.

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