Tainted Tree

Tainted Tree A surprise bequest from an unknown benefactor leads American adoptee Addie Russell to Surrey on a journey to discover about her mysterious English family She doesnot know that her search will uncove

  • Title: Tainted Tree
  • Author: Jacquelynn Luben
  • ISBN: 9780953161386
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tainted Tree

    A surprise bequest from an unknown benefactor leads American adoptee, Addie Russell, to Surrey on a journey to discover about her mysterious English family She doesnot know that her search will uncover secrets that will both shock and thrill her Nor can she imagine the emotions and events which await her.

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      210 Jacquelynn Luben
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    One thought on “Tainted Tree

    1. Sarah

      Definitely a 5 star novel in my opinion! I am always on the look-out for good stories with a genealogy theme, and this story of an adopted American girl in search of her roots in England was quite moving - I actually shed a few tears at the end! Written in a clear, very readable style, I can recommend it to my all friends.

    2. Kath Middleton

      I have previously only read a couple of Jacquie's short stories so I thought it was time I tackled something longer. This is a story of an American girl, adopted from birth after the death of her English mother. Addie finds she has inherited property and money from someone described as her mother's godfather. She comes to England to see the place, possibly to put it up for sale, and to find out more about the mystery of her family background.Jacquelynn Luben is a classy writer. Her work is alway [...]

    3. Val

      This is a very enjoyable book, with a good mixture of light and shade.It is essentially the story of American Addie's search for her English roots.Along the way it explores changing attitudes to pre-marital sex and illegitimacy, without ever becoming a polemic. Some of the things Addie discovers about her family are quite horrific and made me burn with anger at the injustice suffered by women in the past. This is revealed by Addie gradually uncovering the story from documents, letters and witnes [...]

    4. Bluejay44

      An excellent read!! Addie was adopted and although very happy with her adopted parents, is still very curious about her natural family and yearns to know more. Inheriting a house in England gives her this opportunity. She is inclined to rush into things, both with her research and with people she meets, finding the British reserve rather hard to take at times.Usually I read several books at a time , but having started The Tainted Tree I did not want any distractions and read it straight through. [...]

    5. Ann

      I really enjoyed this book. After Addie, an American adoptee whose English mother died giving birth to her, is left a house in Surrey by her mother’s Godfather she comes to England determined to find out more about her mother. This she succeeds in doing wth the aid of some old letters and her mother’s diary. I did feel that the amount of documentation available to her was a little unbelievable but that didn’t spoil a good story and I became totally involved with Addie and her search for he [...]

    6. Virginia Llorca

      I think I heard of this book on an promotion thread. It was a very enjoyable story and she does a good job painting the characters. You definitely needed to keep reading and find out what happened next. I think I would have liked a little more details about the characters and location, but I enjoyed it. She is a good writer.

    7. Lindah

      Brava! Great ending and I enjoyed the mystery without any murders. The diary entries were overly long, but a wonderful story about finding family and facing very difficult situations in their pasts.

    8. Sue

      Adopted Addie comes to England to trace her family after inheriting a house in Guildford. As I have been tracing my family enjoyed the contrasts of searching now and them. Was very envious of the ease in which her story unravelled. Interesting though and I couldn't put it down! Read in a day.

    9. denise bell

      Mystery to the endI love family tree mysteries. this writer gives out hints one at a time and you don't know how it will end until the very end. 5 stars

    10. Rachelle

      Really quite good for the genealogical mystery genre and I like the way the author presented the changes in moral standards and the devastating affects of secrecy on families.

    11. Robert Blanchett

      I am prejudiced against the genres called “family saga” and “romance”, yet I enjoyed “Tainted Tree”. From the first few chapters I felt that I was in the hands of an able and intelligent writer. The rhythmical sentence structure is wholly appropriate to the main theme of the book, the steady unfolding of Addie’s family history. A less accomplished author might well have produced a mechanical, tedious story, but Jacquelynn Luben knows how to introduce intrigue, tension and false lea [...]

    12. Julie Goucher

      I came across this book purely by chance and am so glad that I did. I was looking on Google to see what books were set in Guildford and noticed that this one was and available from a local publisher. It appealed to my genealogical mind, so I ordered it and it arrived on Monday just in time for a business trip. I devoured the book during my 6 hours traveling yesterday.Addie inherits a lovely house in Guildford from someone she does not know,but she understand that the deceased has links were her [...]

    13. carol

      What a beautiful story the author, Jacquelynn Luben has written, that takes the reader on an emotive journey through her main character Addie. Addie is an American young woman born to an English mother who dies during childbirth. She is raised by her loving, adoptive American parents. An inheritance bequeathed her brings her to the UK and here starts her genealogical journey to find out her ancestry and whether she has any traceable relatives still living. The story is set back in the 1990's and [...]

    14. Mary Alaga

      My preferred genre is Historical Fiction and I've been reading a lot about the French Revolution. A fairly depressing era, I might add. So somehow, in an effort to find something a little lighter for a while, I started reading Genealogical Histories. I thought these would be interesting as I have been working on my own genealogy for the past ten years. This is probably the fifth Genealogical History that I read, and possibly the last. This is one of those improbable genealogy conundrums where al [...]

    15. Carmen Thompson

      Beautifully written genealogical storyThe author immediately caught my attention. The story kept me greatly interested and turning pages quickly. A baby born and adopted in America sets off to find her English family. The story takes us back and forth from the present as Addie searches for her family to the past over generations to piece together her family tree. I enjoyed the touch of romance, but mostly the genealogy research and piecing together of the tree. It was interesting to see the chan [...]

    16. Jacquelynn Luben

      As the author of Tainted Tree, I shouldn't really comment. But I loved writing it and I hope and believe it's a good read.It is a 'time-slip' novel, and having just read The Forgotten Garden, I think anyone who enjoyed that would enjoy Tainted Tree.There is a difference, apart from the fact that Forgotten Garden is twice as long, and that is that Tainted Tree has more story in contemporary times (1990s) than in the past, but they both have modern heroines who follow a trail to find out about the [...]

    17. Irene Black

      JacqTainted Tree is everything one would expect from this wonderfully readable writer. American Addie has arrived in England to take possession of the house that she has mysteriously inherited. Her story is sometimes heartbreaking sometimes full of hope, passion and suspense, always compelling. The novel is well researched, absorbing and wise. Give yourself plenty of time to read this as once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down. A highly recommended read.

    18. Charley J

      The story started slowly, but I found myself engrossed and rushing to the conclusion at the end. A good combination of the people story and seat of the pants genealogy, where she just followed from one thread of information to the next. Includes a bit of history, and some English geography as well.

    19. Melissa

      Not a great book, but held my interest I really enjoyed it until close to the end; then it got a little long and the heroine got a little whiny. I did enjoy the genealogical aspect of the novel.

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