A Modest Proposal and Other Writings

A Modest Proposal and Other Writings The Penguin Classics edition of Jonathan Swift s savagely satirical A Modest Proposal and Other Writings is edited with an introduction and notes by Carol Fabricant To ease poverty in Ireland by eatin

  • Title: A Modest Proposal and Other Writings
  • Author: Jonathan Swift Carole Fabricant
  • ISBN: 9780140436426
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Modest Proposal and Other Writings

    The Penguin Classics edition of Jonathan Swift s savagely satirical A Modest Proposal and Other Writings is edited with an introduction and notes by Carol Fabricant.To ease poverty in Ireland by eating the children of the poor was the satirical solution suggested by Jonathan Swift in his essay A Modest Proposal 1729 Here Swift unleashes the full power of his ironicThe Penguin Classics edition of Jonathan Swift s savagely satirical A Modest Proposal and Other Writings is edited with an introduction and notes by Carol Fabricant.To ease poverty in Ireland by eating the children of the poor was the satirical solution suggested by Jonathan Swift in his essay A Modest Proposal 1729 Here Swift unleashes the full power of his ironic armoury and corrosive wit, finding his targets the British ruling class and avaricious landlords, and the brutalized Irish, complicit in their own oppression with deadly precision His masterly essay is accompanied by a generous selection of prose works, among them pamphlets attacking British rule in his native Ireland, periodical essays critiquing the new capitalist and military classes, a journal detailing his political activities in London, a loving tribute to his beloved Stella after her death and pieces on such diverse subjects as the absurdities of astrology, the joys of punning and comical rules for servants Ingenious and unconventional, Swift is revealed here as one of the greatest satirists in the English language.In her introduction to this new edition, Carol Fabricant discusses Swift s life and turbulent times, his political views and his powers as a writer of complex irony and intricate word play This volume also includes a chronology, further reading, a glossary, notes and a biographical dictionary.Jonathan Swift 1667 1745 was born in Dublin Sent to Kilkenny Grammar School when he was six, Swift later attended Trinity College, Dublin, where he received his BA degree in 1686 He is considered the foremost prose satirist in the English language, which stemmed from his criticism of Britain s repressive colonial policies in Ireland Among Swift s best known works are his ironic masterpiece, A Modest Proposal 1729 , and his novel, Gulliver s Travels 1726.If you enjoyed A Modest Proposal, you might like Alexander Pope s The Rape of the Lock and Other Major Writings, also available in Penguin Classics.

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    One thought on “A Modest Proposal and Other Writings

    1. Ori Fienberg

      I originally had two shelves: books that make me want to have children so I can read to themandbooks that make me want to have children so I can eat themBut really this is the only one that would fall in the latter category.This is one of the greatest pieces of satire ever written, but seriously, have you ever noticed that babies really do taste better? Think about it. Veal, lamb, kittens. I could go on.

    2. Paul

      This collection of Jonathan Swift's satirical works is very witty, very clever and very well-written. You do need a reasonably good knowledge of the times in which he wrote to appreciate much of it but I enjoyed it a great deal and I'm very far from being a historian.When this is funny, which is a lot, it is very funny indeed. It's also thought-provoking; particularly when he addresses issues which still haven't been resolved to this day. I can't quite bring myself to give it the full five stars [...]

    3. Jonathan Ashleigh

      This is obviously an incredible satire, which hopes to give some satisfaction to the rich. I recently reread it after reading The Sorrows of Young Mike. In John Zelazny's parody, the main character parodies Jonathan Swift's modest proposal. It is a parody within a parody and the modern twist is displayed well.

    4. Tempo de Ler

      "Satire is a sort of glass wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own" (p.2)Gostei muito destes cinco textos, nos quais Jonathan Swift satiriza, com enorme mestria, o meio social e político que o rodeia, condenando a hipocrisia e o cinismo de ambos com a ferocidade de alguém realmente indignado. A Modest proposal é, desta compilação, o seu trabalho mais forte. O sentido de humor tão bem aguçado e espirituoso, a forma como pinta com humor algumas das suas ideias [...]

    5. Marts(Thinker)

      When one hears 'Swift', Gulliver's Travels usually comes to mind and that was an exceptional work of literature, so I think I'll experience him from a satirical angle.Actually I ended up listening to this work (having acquired an audio version). Yes I admire Swift's irony in relation to every day situations, though it may seem a bit harsh, the method may at times be the only means of effectivly relating a message.

    6. sologdin

      Nutshell: misanthropic rightwinger thinks that he’s funny, but he’s just a dick. The foregoing conclusions are authorized by the author, who admitted in a letter to fellow douchebag Pope: I have got materials toward a treatise proving the falsity of that definition animal rationale, and to show that it would be only rationis capax. Upon this great foundation of misanthropy, the whole building of my Travels is erected. (21)Several texts in this collection:A Tale of a Tub--Lots of derridean ou [...]

    7. Jessica

      Swift's satire, A Modest Proposal, was not well-known or well-read in his life. Of course, given the nature of the piece--the desperate need for change in Ireland--lack of recognition was difficult.I have read and taught this many times. Most students don't understand the depths of the satire or the excellent argument structure presented in this essay.Swift's ability to develop his argument in the way he has makes the piece an excellent read for anyone looking to understand the many forms of dev [...]

    8. J.

      'A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick' was published anonymously in 1729. These were bad years in Ireland three failed harvests were followed by poverty and disease. 'A modest proposal ' lays bare the politics and prejudice of the time. The structure of the pamphlet imitates the pamphlets being published which offered up serious proposals to the crisis.The shocking suggestion i [...]

    9. Nicky

      A Modest Proposal and Other Satirical Works contains five essays by Swift. A Modest Proposal focuses upon politics, Battle of the Books upon literature and philosophy, and the remaining three address religious belief and practice.A Modest Proposal is easily the most famous of Swift's essays, and as such most people are aware of its premise. It is incredibly witty, brief, and poignant. A fine satire.To appreciate Battle of the Books requires a fair amount of understanding regarding ancient and mo [...]

    10. Mark Bratkowski

      This is another book that I read to teach at Ursuline next year. Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" is without a doubt one of the most intellectual and humorous pieces of satire ever written. Another satiric essay that I liked was "An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity in England". This was written earlier than "A Modest Proposal" but uses soome of the same devices. Swift's evidence shows how ending Christianity would bring political and economic benefits to England. Of course, his argum [...]

    11. Lady Dixie

      Swift's satiric proposal that Ireland solve overpopulation and hunger by literally eating their young. Still bristles.

    12. Matt

      "A Modest Proposal" is so fucking ridiculously contemporary that I can't help but be the one to say it for the millionth time. If you think things have gotten too raw and uncivilized in today's age, and that people were more well mannered in the olden days, you are.full O' SHITE!I'm sure no one reading this actually does think this way but stillI love being able to add this bit of actual, factual info and not feeling the least bit bad about it because history is genteel only to the people who se [...]

    13. Booklovinglady

      The reason for picking up A Modest Proposal and Other Satirical Works was that I wanted to reread A Modest Proposal, which I had previously read in my copy of The Norton Anthology of English Literature: Vol 1 and which I still think is a masterpiece and as such probably the best satire I've ever come across.As a sort of ‘bonus’ I had four more of Swift’s satirical writings in this book, each of which I liked. I must add though, that by far the most of his satirical writings require (a lot [...]

    14. Orcun

      Öncelikle şunu söylemek gerek: Bu derlemede Swift'in 1697-1729 yılları arasında yazdığı 8 yazıya yer verilmiş; bu yüzden, kitabı "Alçakgönüllü Bir Öneri ve Diğer Denemeler" diye adlandırmak daha yerinde bir tercih olurdu.Swift, bir oklu kirpi: Eleştiri oklarını her yöne fırlatıyor; üstelik bunu iç karartan bir ciddiyetle değil, müthiş eğlenceli, pırıl pırıl bir zekâyla yapıyor. Zaten Britanyalılar'ın hiciv, nükte, iğneleme, kara mizah kategorilerinde bel [...]

    15. Patrick Nichols

      And thus it may, if the verbal effrontery of such an utterance may be indulged, however briefly, be averred, with the blessings of those guardians on the battlements of concinnity, even modestly asseverated, if such a contradiction does not run counter to said diction, that the author's style, with such a fecund profusion of subordinate and even, dare I say, insubordinate clauses, rococo verbal flourishes, and sesquipedialian agglomerations, while constructed with a labyrinthine ingenuity that e [...]

    16. James Violand

      Buying a 412 page book for what turns out to be the nine page Proposal, is a waste of money. How fascinated would you be to read excerpts of a private journal recording thoughts on the mundane and on persons you have no knowledge of, nor interest in? Would you rather read copies of private letters? Much of the book displays Swift’s caustic wit, but, unless you are an enthusiast for Irish history, there is so much minutia that a quarter of the volume is given to footnotes! Save your money and f [...]

    17. Erica

      This is one of my favorite satirical works of all time in which Swift proposes, to solve the problem of the poverty and starvation rampant in Ireland, that the poor Irish eat their own children to stave off hunger. "I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a frica [...]

    18. J.

      A Modest Proposal was great. So were the rules for servants. Jonathan Swift is a master satirist. But a lot of the accompanying papers were snores--inside jokes, and even languages, with friends. So, 4 stars to the funny papers, and 2 stars to the boring letters, with an average of 3 stars.

    19. Meg

      I was in high school when I first read this and once I got over the shock of the proposal I grew to appreciate the wit in the satire and the history behind the motivation and purpose of the author for writing it.

    20. Andrew Reid

      Such original shocking humor and irony. A modest proposal made a lot of people angry when it was released into the high society of London while the Irish starved. I loved it.

    21. George King

      When I taught this piece, I had my students come up with different dishes that babies could be made into--it was absolutely hysterical.

    22. Joe Kendall

      So the best essay in the whole story was definitely A Modest Proposal. But several of the other essays were very entertaining also. The reason for the only 4 stars instead of the 5 is because, while the Battle of the Books was entertaining, it was overly long and missing big portions of it. Also, I honestly had zero idea what was going on in A Discourse Concerning the Mechanical Operations of the Spirit.

    23. Whitney Price

      At first I thought oh my lord he’s not even joking I mean people have suggested crazier things. But oh, the glorious satire against the political state in Ireland at that time is palpable. Good show.

    24. Aydin Akinci

      Yeri, tenkit nasıl yazılır yazarken nasıl eğlenir, yüzyıllar evvel en güzel örneğini yazmış Swift, tavsiye ederim

    25. Elliot Chalom

      The only thing more difficult than distilling a compilation of five different stories into a single rating is doing so for a compilation written approximately 300 years ago. In another country. By a man much smarter than I. But when all is said and done "A Modest Proposal " is worthy of 5 stars, and here's why:The first essay is "The Battle of Books", which standing alone I'd give it somewhere in the 3-4 star range. My main issue is a lack of familiarity with many of the 'modern' writers referre [...]

    26. Amarinske

      3.25 stars.After getting into the writing, I really enjoyed reading it. The books shows very well how the stances of the 17th century society were on topics like mind, religion and more.It gave me quite some insight in the way Swift thought as well and it could clearly bee seen that he had enjoyed some good education.On top of these things, the satire in here was present and nicely written. I have giggle a couple of times (during 'Battle of the Books' and 'A Meditation upon a Broomstick' and the [...]

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