Yakuza Moon: Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang

Yakuza Moon Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang Bacaan yang sarat emosi dan menyayat hati Buku ini direkomendasikan untuk siapa saja yang tengah mencari pemahaman mendalam dan personal tentang masyarakat Jepang Publisher Weekly Dia terlahir sebagai

  • Title: Yakuza Moon: Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang
  • Author: Shōko Tendō A.S. Laksana
  • ISBN: 9789797802684
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Yakuza Moon: Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang

    Bacaan yang sarat emosi dan menyayat hati Buku ini direkomendasikan untuk siapa saja yang tengah mencari pemahaman mendalam dan personal tentang masyarakat Jepang Publisher Weekly Dia terlahir sebagai putri yakuza, masa remajanya terjerumus ke dunia seks dan obat obatan terlarang, lalu ditato di usia dua puluhan Tendo mengerti betul sosok seseorang yang pernah Bacaan yang sarat emosi dan menyayat hati Buku ini direkomendasikan untuk siapa saja yang tengah mencari pemahaman mendalam dan personal tentang masyarakat Jepang Publisher Weekly Dia terlahir sebagai putri yakuza, masa remajanya terjerumus ke dunia seks dan obat obatan terlarang, lalu ditato di usia dua puluhan Tendo mengerti betul sosok seseorang yang pernah masuk neraka, kemudian memutuskan untuk kembali Josei Seven, pers JepangYakuza Moon merupakan pengakuan mengejutkan sekaligus mengharukan seorang perempuan yang hidup dalam masyarakat yakuza di Jepang Cerita tentang seorang perempuan muda yang berhasil memenangkan pergulatan dalam hidupnya yang keras Memoar ini juga memberi pengalaman berbeda, namun nyata mengenai kehidupan yakuza Jepang dari sudut pandang seseorang yang benar benar pernah menjalaninya.

    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited Ï Yakuza Moon: Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang : by Shōko Tendō A.S. Laksana ✓
      390 Shōko Tendō A.S. Laksana
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    One thought on “Yakuza Moon: Memoar seorang Putri Gangster Jepang

    1. Samir Rawas Sarayji

      Under the title of this book is written Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter, so I figured I could now understand what a Yakuza is from someone within and, perhaps, I could finally separate fact from myth. However, early on, Tendo makes it clear that this book is about her and not the Yakuza. It would be harmful to the persons to divulge information about them, which she’ll avoid, or to talk about the workings of the Yakuza… right, I’m thinking the title is a marketing gimmick.This is a firs [...]

    2. Brigida Marcella

      Many speculations on life being a yakuza in Japan, but Shoko Tendo gives us the truth of Yakuza’s life, and especially on being a Yakuza head gang’s daughter. What you know and think about Yakuza and the overall of Japanese life and culture will change after you read this book.This is an autobiography of Shoko Tendo who was born in the winter of 1968 in Japan. Though starting her life in a fabulous childhood, Shoko was treated her unfairly since she was a daughter of a yakuza father, in the [...]

    3. Finn

      I was really intrigued to read this book- a woman's account of the inner workings of the Yakuza, the first of its kind. Unfortunately perhaps, the memoir doesn't touch so much on the actual Yakuza, but rather Shoko Tendo explains how her father's early affiliation with the syndicate shaped the path of her life. Tendo is shockingly stubborn and proud and the decisions she made were arguably quite terrible but the reader maintains an affection for her- she is unapologetic and blunt. She doesn't gl [...]

    4. Betty

      I read this book in one go; considering I have never done that before, it says a lot for the intensity and breathtaking reality of the memoir. Though relatively short, it packs a powerful punch, an amazing debut. I was drawn into her story until I felt I was a part of it. The essence of a good writer is to be able to make that connection between reader and character, and Shoko Tendo has certainly done that. Way out of my usual genres, I was completely absorbed in her heart-wrenching memoir, an e [...]

    5. Mel

      hidup adalah pilihan. begitu yang sering disebut. kebetulan belakangan saya juga sedang sering ditemani lantunan beberapa lagu dari album james blunt yang salah satunya menyebut sedikit soal itu me reason but don't give me choice cause i'll just make the same mistakeracau. tapi sudah bukan hal aneh kalau kita kerap kali dapat mengambil pilihan yang salah. terlepas dari benar salahnya pilihan itu sendiri, saya menganggap 'reasons', pertimbangan, dibalik tiap keputusan akan satu pilihan, jadi suat [...]

    6. Janet Ramirez-crespo

      The book was pretty good, but it wasn't the greatest book I've read. Shoko had a past where it was sex,drugs, and rock n' roll. Everything ended when her dad got sick, and everything went down hill with her and her family. I think this book reminds me of the waitress by Atmosphere, because there's people that have always had a rough life, and as much and har you work there's never going to a day where you can catch your breath. The ending on the song ends " maybe i should of been a better father [...]

    7. Tenma

      Boring and shallow. Although Ms. Shoko Tendo had a Yakuza boss for a father, had dated Yakuza and had a tattoo, this book is not about Yakuza life. It is about Ms. Tendo's struggle growing up as a delinquent Yanki and serving as a hostess and dating abusing men as she grew older. A more fitting title would have been "Yanki Moon". The actual memoirs could be easily rewritten into less than five pages. The remaining 180 or so pages are filled with cliched dialogues Ms. Tendo has had with friends, [...]

    8. Imari Jade

      A Book Review: Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangster’s DaughterByImari Jade Overview:Born to a wealthy and powerful yakuza boss, Shoko Tendo lived the early years of her life in luxury. However, when she was six, everything changed: her father was jailed, and the family fell into debt. Bullied by her classmates because of her father's activities, and terrorized at home by her father, who became a drunken, violent monster after his release from prison, Tendo rebelled. As a teenager she became a dr [...]

    9. rebelsofie

      Kejujuran, itulah yang dipilih Shoko Tendo untuk melukiskan kisah hidupnya melalui buku ini. Justru dengan kejujuran lah, membuat buku ini begitu mudah untuk dicerna dan dipahami. Bahkan di bagian-bagian yang vulgar atau penuh dengan adegan kekerasan, buku ini tetap seru untuk dinikmati. Gaya bercerita Tendo-san yang lugas dan apa adanya, membuat kita menarik diri untuk ikut mengalami peristiwa demi peristiwa yang dialami oleh Shoko. Tulisannya yang sederhana dan apa adanya ini, tidak membuat ki [...]

    10. Stephan van der Linde

      Personally I think this has barely anything to do with Yakuza. Shoko is the daughter of a yakuza-boss, but I couldn't really conclude this from what she wrote about her father. Just Seems to weak for me. Tendo made some bad decisions in her life which brought her into problems.In my opinion quite stupid decisions in drugs, bad boyfriends and this repeats a few times.Tendo was looking for trouble, gets trouble and therefore this autobiography about her tough life. Maybe a bitter review from me, a [...]

    11. monica ♪

      I just remembered that I have read this book long long time ago before I even know there's . hahaI love this book. The true story about Yakuza and their lives told from Yakuza's daughter POV.You'll see all the secrets bout Yakuza and will know how hard it is when your family is a Yakuza.There are many heartbreaking moments but there's also heartwarming moment in this book.If you curious about Yakuza in Japan then you should read this book.

    12. JonSnow

      NOT DENSELY YAKUZA BASED but it doesn't matter!! Read below for what to expect. It's a quick read, and you should read it! Everyone should read it, especially men, so they can see what things can be like for a woman like Shoko. It fiercely highlights bullying, violence, abuse, drug addiction and rape. But do not expect this to be about the Yakuza much. Read below for more extensive details.I was going to rate this 3/5, but it was actually really interesting to read despite not being what I expec [...]

    13. April

      This was on my e-book wish list for a few months. The synopsis interested me: a girl growing up with a Yakuza Boss Father and falling into the whole drug scene, loosing everything and coming out a better person in the end.I gave in and decided to read it yesterday. It was very short, only I think 193 pages, a few pages are pictures. I read it in a few hours.Though Yakuza is in the title don't expect to read a story regarding the ends and outs of the real Japanese Yakuza. If you want that, I'd re [...]

    14. Nicole ☼

      Four stars doesn't really express my true feelings about this book. My rating does not scream, "I really liked it!". Rather, it is due to the fact that this book kept me immersed and interested. The content itself was incredibly depressing and abusive. It read like fiction because, how could one little girl, one woman, endure so much physical abuse, self-abuse and relationship abuse to this extent? How could someone be repeatedly beaten and bashed on a regular basis, or abuse her own health for [...]

    15. S.

      Yakuza Moon/Shoko Tendo 2006I'm going to err on the side of generosity and give this pretty short, but punchy 3.6 or 3.7 work the full 4.0. to some degree this is a question of rarity of experience, and then the whole "daring bad" rather than "boring good" tradeoff that I explore in the LADY AND THE MONK entry by Pico Iyer. finally if this crsed bluetooth keyboard hopefully doesn't completely joke out. hmmm that would be goodso this is the sort of thing. this isn't absolute perfection. Junichiro [...]

    16. Yudhipapap

      Biografi yang enak dibaca menurutku adalah otobiografi yang mampu mendeskripsikan puluhan tahun perjalanan hidup seseorang kedalam (sebuah) buku. Dan Shoko Tendo berhasil merangkum perjalanan hidupnya dengan sangat manis pada buku pertamanya ini. Kepahitan hidupnya yang dipaparkan sungguh memberikan pemaknaan yang luar biasa indah, menyakitkan yang memuaskantu pemahaman saya setelah membacanya. Kekerasan fisik yang dialaminya serta ketergantungan dirinya akan seks, narkoba dan kehidupan kelamnya [...]

    17. Christel Lim

      The author has been through so much pain and suffering in life. She details them in her book well enough to get the reader to understand what she went through. Towards the end of the book the I can infer that the author hopes of a better tommorrow. But at the same time, the spiritual bondages, soul ties and body ties have clearly not been broken. It seems that she still has these strong ties and bad memories that haunt her.Unfortunately, what the author does not realise are that these soul ties, [...]

    18. Connie Wong

      Kalau kau merasa hidupmu penuh dengan kesedihan, kau harus membaca buku ini, untuk sekedar tahu bahwa apapun penderitaanmu, itu bukan apa-apa.Ada yang mengira kalau kehilangan orangtua ketika masih kecil itu hal yang pantas untuk diratapi. Padahal jauh lebih menyedihkan mempunyai kedua orangtua lengkap, tapi keduanya tidak berfungsi dan hidupmu tidak lebih baik dari anak-anak liar yang tidak punya orangtua.Saya belajar dari buku ini bahwa jika surga ada di telapak kaki ibu, seperti kata banyak o [...]

    19. Alex S

      This is one of the better written and engaging books I've read in quite some time.Technically a memo but honestly given what happens during her life, you'd probably be forgiven for thinking you had suddenly picked up a fiction best seller instead.The book takes you through her life, good times and the bad, and you are left with a resounding feeling that Shoko's made some real progress by the end. I like how this and other themes are presented throughout the book with close visceral detail of her [...]

    20. Ten Alten

      Penerbit : Gagas Media Tahun : 2008 Tebal Buku : 252 halaman Shoko Tendo, seorang wanita yang dari kecil hidup dalam tradisi Yakuza. Kehidupan mewah berubah menjadi kehidupan sengsara ketika sang ayah yang merupakan bos dari Yakuza hancur lebur dan kehilangan kekuasaan. Kehidupan Shoko Tendo pada masa kecilnya tidaklah sebahagia anak-anak yang lain. Kejadian yang dialami membuat ia tidak bisa percaya pada orang dewasa, karena menurutnya mereka memang tidak bisa dipercaya. Shoko memulai kehi [...]

    21. Boris

      An easy read. if you are looking for a book filled with tales of the Yakuza then you will be disappointed. if you are looking for a true story of a female seemingly born into a good life only to hit the depths of physical and emotional rock bottom and come out the otherside then this has got it all. My biggest issue with this book is he translation of from Japanese into English has been absurdly Americanised taking away the Japanese feel of the book. The dialouge could be as though it is a coupl [...]

    22. Rui Pacheco

      At firts, when beggining to read this book, it is noticeable that it is not very well written. Despite being very clear and undertandable, sometimes some "time jumps" are not very well executed. Also, as you read, you notice that the title is misleading: the author grows, in fact, in the middle of a yakuza family and gets in touch with some yakuza members but those facts don't add much to her life. They are preponderant, but it's not like you will learn a lot about the gangsters lifestyle or how [...]

    23. Kerlip Bintang

      Tadinya kupikir akan menemui banyak hal yang menakjubkan dalam buku ini selain: jaringan narkoba, kelompok yakuza, dan free sex di usia dini. Karena dari judulnya saja sudah dipastikan bahwa buku ini berkisah di seputaran itu. Jadinya alur cerita cepat menguap dari kepalaku dalam beberapa hari aja.Aku kasih tambahan satu bintang (jadi 3 bintang), setelah membaca bab penutup yang dituturkan oleh penulisnya sendiri. Shoko Tendo. Salut karena dia berani untuk menuturkan aib masa lalunya dan berani [...]

    24. Viyanthi Silvana

      Reading this book yesterday was slapping me on my face! This incredible woman named Shoko Tendo really brave to un-leash her darkest moments in life. Change into better person in age 32 years old to become a freelance writer.She is a yakuza leader's 2nd daughter. Became a Yanki in 12, un-virgin on 13, Thinner addict, Heroin grabber on 14, become a slut since she was 16-17 and being Number 1 hostess in her 32 years old when she got retiredAll the abusive loves, the blood, the misery, the useless [...]

    25. Nookie

      As reflected in the title, this is a memoir of HER life so don't expect many details about Yakuza mobsters. This book is written in simple English about her experiences as a yanki, female delinquent and gang member. She had to deal with drug addiction, poverty, psychological and sexual abuse, miscarriage, attempted suicide and the deaths of her parents. It was a shocking revelation. It's heart-rending to know she suffered continuous abuse from yakuza men. Some of these men are terrifyingly scary [...]

    26. Marie

      Easy read, the translation was well done I thought, although I'm sure there are many details that were lost in it. I loved the idea of looking inside the yakuza world through the eyes of one of the daughters rather than having an ex yakuza talk about his life. Things were much more detailed and raw I felt. Being able to explore how harmful a lifestyle is for the family that is born from it was also very interesting. Shoko is charming in her honesty and integrity to keeping the details right. Eve [...]

    27. Janelle

      Like many have said, the summary to this book is mis-leading. It does not give the reader much insight at all into the Yakuza world, so if you pick it up out of an interest in that subject, you will be disappointed. What you will instead be reading is the story of a woman who's childhood was affected by her father's criminal activities, of the path this warped childhood eventually lead her down, and of the strength she exhibited in righting her life. Although I wasn't impressed with her writing [...]

    28. Jenny Indarto

      Udah baca dr thn pertama diterbitin versi terjemahannya (penerbit gagas media) tgl pastinya lupa. Rasanya sama waktu baca memoirs of geisha, hanya buku ini menceritakan banyak kekerasan. Pernah berpikir kalo bapak kita seorang pemimpin Yakuza, pasti kita bebas dr bully teman sekolah, tp ternyata itu ga terjadi di kehidupan Shoko Tendo. Salah satu buku yg wajib dibaca nih *btw tato di punggung Shoko keren banget!*meringis inget proses pembuatan tatonya*bikin tato temporer aja

    29. April

      Initially attracted to the cover and title of this book, this story turned out to not be what I was expecting. I am unsure as to whether some aspects of this story were lost in translation but I felt that the story, while somewhat interesting, really lacked depth. I wanted more detail- to know how Shoko felt and what she thought about the things that had happened to her. I believe this book had the potential to be something special but sadly, it just didn't get there.

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