The Best of Outside: The First 20 Years

The Best of Outside The First Years The man eating proclivities of Komodo dragons The complicated art of being a cowgirl A picaresque ramble with a merry band of tree cleaners The big wave crusaders of the world s best surfers For the p

  • Title: The Best of Outside: The First 20 Years
  • Author: Outside Magazine
  • ISBN: 9780375703133
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Best of Outside: The First 20 Years

    The man eating proclivities of Komodo dragons The complicated art of being a cowgirl A picaresque ramble with a merry band of tree cleaners The big wave crusaders of the world s best surfers For the past twenty years, Outside magazine has set the standard for original and engaging reports on travel, adventure, sports, and the environment.Along the way, many of AmeriThe man eating proclivities of Komodo dragons The complicated art of being a cowgirl A picaresque ramble with a merry band of tree cleaners The big wave crusaders of the world s best surfers For the past twenty years, Outside magazine has set the standard for original and engaging reports on travel, adventure, sports, and the environment.Along the way, many of America s best journalists and storytellers including such writers as Jon Krakauer, Tim Cahill, E Annie Proulx, Edward Abbey, Thomas McGuane, David Quammen, and Jane Smiley have made the magazine a venue for some of their most compelling work The Best of Outside represents the finest the award winning magazine has to offer thirty stories that range from high action to high comedy Whether it s Jonathan Raban sailing the open sea, Susan Orlean celebrating Spain s first female bullfighter, or Jim Harrison taking the wheel on a cross country road trip, each piece can be characterized in a word unforgettable Commemorating Outside magazine s twentieth anniversary, The Best of Outside is one of the most entertaining and provocative anthologies of the decade.

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    One thought on “The Best of Outside: The First 20 Years

    1. Eric_W

      A mixed bag of essays from Outside magazine. As with most collections, the interest level and quality (purely subjective on my part) varies.Some of the essays are just weird. I had previously read Katz's "King of the Ferret Leggers" about a sport(?) which involves seeing how long you can abide having a ferret run up your pants and chew on your testicles. "Call of the Hunt" by Jane Smiley discusses the culture of the fox hunt and her love of riding. But she questions the blood-lust of the riders. [...]

    2. Sameer

      Wide variety of topics and quality of writing, with some articles bordering on stream of consciousness while others are signature Outside material e.g. "Into Thin Air".

    3. Valerie

      I discovered the writing of Edward Abbey in this Outside magazine compilation, and I don't know how I missed his work before. His piece in this compilation was a great introduction to his acerbic wit, curmudgeonly style, and uncanny insight into human behavior while revealing the beauty and delicacy of the Alaskan wilderness. Little did I know that Abbey was an inspiration to the early radical environmental movement (via his novel The Monkey Wrench Gang), yet supported immigration reduction and [...]

    4. Mads

      I don't know why the editors of Outside put up two similar compilations one almost on top of another: "Out of the Noosphere" and "The Best of Outside: The First 20 Years." Anyhow, while a few articles are found in two (like McGuane's "The Heart of the Game" and E. Jean Carroll's "Cowgirls All the Way"), I find that I enjoy each compilation for different reasons. I love "The Best of Outside" because of articles like "La Matadora Revisa Su Maquillaje" by Susan Orlean who wrote about a top Spanish [...]

    5. Connie

      I found this book in the bookshelves of a vacation cottage on the coast of Maine, and since I've enjoyed reading pieces from Outside before, I am giving it a try. This is superb writing, whether it is about great, hair-raising adventures or just observations on back-yard outings and tamer wanderings.These authors are the best at being real and sharing their observations and experiences. I am not a mountain-climbing, scuba diving, safari-taking person, but love to read about those who do these th [...]

    6. Patty

      These thirty essays took me awhile to read. I had to borrow the ebook at least twice. (Not that that is a hardship – it is easy to renew ebooks.) They were all well-written, but like most collections there were ones that I liked and some that I could have skipped.I had read the essay by Susan Orlean before, but enjoyed it again. I always like Ian Frazier and Barry Lopez. I had forgotten what a good and interesting writer David Quammen is – I need to find some of his other works. With 30 diff [...]

    7. Carolyn Oliveira

      Most of these articles are incredibly well-written. The book is a constant surprise and mostly delightful. Some I found unreadably dull, others vivid and memorable. Women bullfighters, cannibal tribes so bored with their bland food that the taste of rice brings them to tears, a possessed environmentalist, Komodo dragons ripping goats apart, what champion triathletes do when they retire, men who stuff vicious ferrets down their pants for fun, smoke jumpers finding or not finding god in forest fir [...]

    8. Terry

      The fun thing about this collection is that it inspires me to adventure. Each of the stories reminded me of something I saw or felt but there were plenty of new insights as well. Some of my favorite modern authors are here and of course many I hadn't read. Sometimes it seems like the Internet has gobbled up the last wild places but, happily, I'm reminded that it is largely a matter of keeping an adventurous perspective.

    9. Marty Greenwell

      People must think I give all 5 star reviews. I almost do. This was unusual as this book had 30+ vignettes of all great quality. Outside magazine would not have had them included if they weren't. Stories about almost first famous female bullfighter in Spain or the descriptions of Haiti in its worst (and best). Into Thin Air was was thirty pages so it was longer. The stories were so good it was expected.

    10. Matt

      This book is what originally made me want to write for magazines. Even if you don't like Outside, the stories in it are great. Kate Wheeler goes in search of a crazed Peruvian utopian who married his daughter, Chip Brown learns to speak New Age in a trip to Tibet, Annie Proulx takes her acid wit in search of fun, and William Kittredge hangs out with the Young Roughneck, the Cornflower Bride and the Oilfield urchin in Wyoming. Plus Barry Lopez writes about snow geese.

    11. Marcie

      I made the mistake of reading Jon Krakauer first in this book of essays from Outside Magazine. This essay was expanded into his bestseller Into Thin Air. Krakauer is an amazing writer. I read a few other essays in the book but nothing I happened upon really made a great impression and I'm about to return the book to the library.

    12. Stefan Martiyan

      As expected from a compilation of short essays, some caught and held my attention more than others. This book does contain one of, if not thee best article I've ever read titled, The Last Pork Chop, by Edward Abbey. If you're hesitant or not interested in buying the whole book, maybe just pick it up in the library or your local book store and read TLPC. Pretty fantastic stuff.

    13. Keith

      Some of the stories were engrossing. Some just wandered around in a stream of consciousness. The stories I liked, I really liked. The best ones were at the start of the book, and at the end of the book.

    14. Matt

      This is a great book of bite-sized long-form work from the first 20 years of Outside magazine. Some shine a bit brighter than others, but all are good. I'm partial to Krakauer, but Edward Abbey's "The Last Pork Chop" steals the show.

    15. Peregrine 12

      A wonderful collection of articles and short stories about people who have been there. My wanderlust was kicked into high gear after reading (devouring, in some cases) these stories. Highly recommended to anyone who loves to read about corners of the world very different his or her own.

    16. David R

      I gave it 5 stars because it is a good collection of writing. However, I have a hard time reading these collection of magazine articles. I never seem to get drawn in. It is a good read to have with yourself when you need a quick read.

    17. Diana

      I love travel/outside stories SO MUCH. This is right up my alley. Read one story before bed, and then go on to another the next night. Some are alien, some are familiar, but they are all transporting.

    18. Stephen Flanagan

      Good read nice compact format without the magazine glossies to interfer, quite an eclectic set of authors.

    19. Jessie

      All these short stories are SO GOOD! Cris and I read this one together. A great book to read aloud on long car rides!

    20. Justin Dove

      I love adventure stories, and this book is full of them. I was primarily interested because it had the stories that turned into the book "Into Thin Air" and the move "The Perfect Storm."

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