Deadman's Poker

Deadman s Poker Tony Valentine is an expert at spotting cheats He s tossed them out of gambling casinos from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and Monaco But though Tony has never met a scam he couldn t crack his son and p

  • Title: Deadman's Poker
  • Author: James Swain
  • ISBN: 9780345475497
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deadman's Poker

    Tony Valentine is an expert at spotting cheats He s tossed them out of gambling casinos from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and Monaco But though Tony has never met a scam he couldn t crack, his son and partner, Gerry, has just walked into one with a body count What started with a conman s deathbed confession turns into a deadly Las Vegas grudge match during the world s bigTony Valentine is an expert at spotting cheats He s tossed them out of gambling casinos from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and Monaco But though Tony has never met a scam he couldn t crack, his son and partner, Gerry, has just walked into one with a body count What started with a conman s deathbed confession turns into a deadly Las Vegas grudge match during the world s biggest poker tournament While Gerry and his shady friends tangle with the Vegas mob, Tony enlists the aid of an aging grifter who s fleecing suckers with a dazzling array of improbable betting stunts Tony s been hired to save the tournament and stop a blind player who s out to heist it , while Gerry s just trying to stay alive now that murder is in the cards Featuring insider tips for catching poker cheats, as well as a glossary of card hustler terms

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    One thought on “Deadman's Poker

    1. James Thane

      I've been a huge fan of James Swain's Tony Valentine series from the time the first book in the series, Grift Sense, was published. But the first time I read this entry, it really annoyed me and then it annoyed me all over again the second time around, even though I knew what was coming.For those unfamiliar with the series, Valentine is an ex-cop from Atlantic City who retired and opened a firm called Grift Sense. Tony is a consultant who helps casinos combat "grifters" who attempt to cheat at c [...]

    2. Dave

      In Deadman's Poker, Swain gives us yet again another terrific thriller about Tony Valentine, gambling, cheaters, and more. In fact, Swain gives us his most ambitious effort yet with a plot line spanning two novels (Deadman's Poker and Deadman's Bluff). However, While the entire plot does not play out in this book, readers are not left on a cliffhanger and reading this book alone can be satisfying. This book takes place in Las Vegas as many of the books in this series, for obvious reasons do. The [...]

    3. J.B. Siewers

      Seamed the transitions were amateurish and the lead up was decent but absolutely horrible ending. Most of the situations seemed contrived and not believable. He is a sixty something old man and beats up 3 young thugs ? He pins a guy with a car door and has the time to frisk him ? He leads up to this huge unbeatable poker cheating scheme then backs out at the end and never discloses what it is. I will never read another of his books just for this reason. At least FINISH the book next time. Sorry [...]

    4. Zach

      Okay. The thing that keeps this from being 4 stars is that similar to some other Swain novels, the ending is kind of left up in the air. Swain provides an intricate story and it seems like he is close to resolving it at the end, but then he does not follow through. This novel otherwise worked well as Swain works with a couple different story lines. Especially entertaining is that of Rufus Daniels and is increasingly crazy proposition bets.

    5. Susan

      Deadman's Poker by James Swain is the 6th book of the Tony Valentine mystery series, set in contemporary Las Vegas. Tony Valentine is an expert at spotting gambling cheats. He's frequently hired by casino owners to find out who is cheating and how. Tony is an ex-policeman from New Jersey, well aware of violent crime, including organized crime. Tony's son Gerry has poor judgment and questionable friends (minor gangsters). Tony has bailed out Gerry numerous times. As a sign of good faith and incen [...]

    6. Jenna

      d. pkr & bluff-2.5 starslistened to it on audio.While the Tony Valentine series isn’t amazing or anything, I needed something to listen to at work & this one kept me occupied & interested.Tony Valentine is likeable. And I liked that he’s an older guy whose actions reflect that realisticly in the narrative.I also think the relationship b/w tony & his son Gerry is fairly realistic.I liked learning about casinos & the various cheating that occurs.I chuckled out loud a few ti [...]

    7. Michael Andriolo

      Astonishing James Swain keeps you on your toes with every turn of the page. It's one of his best series to date.

    8. Jmrathbone

      I had no idea this was a “to be continued” novel. I didn’t like the book so I will never know the ending because I won’t read any more of Swain’s books with gambling plots. Maybe Swain hasn’t spent a lot of time in Las Vegas. Some of what he says just isn’t true, e.g. there aren't any brothels in all of Clark County.

    9. Colby

      I'm a little confused by the structure of the book since you would imagine the series would draw (no pun intended) people with experience and interest in the actual game being featured. It teased with that aspect but instead focused on guns, girls, and goons. Add in a deck of loose ends and this guilty pleasure read just wasn't a winner.

    10. Skip

      Another Tony Valentine novel, with son Gerry getting into his usual trouble with boyhood friends from Atlantic City. Most of the excitement revolves around a blind poker player cheating in a Texas hold'em tournament.

    11. Caro

      Very enjoyable read while spending a night in Las Vegas. Apparently it is one of two volumes, since the story ends, annoyingly, without an explanation of the big scam that's been teased since the first chapter. I like Tony Valentine enough to pursue part two.

    12. Juliet Howland

      An enjoyable read, but a bit unsatisfying because almost none of the mysteries are solved. Instead, the plot continues in Deadman's bluff

    13. Carolyn Rose

      Not every book is for every reader and I put this one aside after about 100 pages. I founding the gambling scam interesting, but couldn't seem to connect with the characters.

    14. Killercalico

      This one is a two parter and I can't wait to get part two.Tony Valentine does it again, cleaning up a poker tournament this time.

    15. Dave

      Rated 3 1/2 stars. Still a good series but the ending leaves you hanging which I assume will continue in the next book in the series

    16. February Four

      Had I realized this was part of a series I'd like so much, I'd have tried harder to start from the beginning. Fun.

    17. Rho

      Did not enjoy this book. Read part two first and enjoyed it. This story dragged with most of the supporting characters not like able or interesting.

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