Deeper Hell exists It is a real geological historical place beneath our very feet And it is inhabited savagely In an intense and imaginative tour de force New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long takes

  • Title: Deeper
  • Author: Jeff Long
  • ISBN: 9780743284547
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Deeper

    Hell exists It is a real, geological, historical place beneath our very feet And it is inhabited savagely.In an intense and imaginative tour de force, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long takes readers into the depths of the earth where a primordial intelligence waits in the darkness.A decade has passed since doomed explorers unveiled a nightmare of tunnels andHell exists It is a real, geological, historical place beneath our very feet And it is inhabited savagely.In an intense and imaginative tour de force, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long takes readers into the depths of the earth where a primordial intelligence waits in the darkness.A decade has passed since doomed explorers unveiled a nightmare of tunnels and rivers honeycombing the earth s depths After millennia of suffering terror and predation, humanity s armies descended to destroy the ancient hordes Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, a doomed science expedition killed the subterraneans fabled leader, and suddenly it seemed that evil was dead and all was right with the world again.Now Deeper arrives to explode that complacency and plunge us back into the sunless abyss Hell boils up through America s subways and basements to take its revenge and steal our children Against the backdrop of a looming war with China, a crusade of volunteers races to find the vestiges of a lost race But a lone explorer, the linguist Ali von Schade, learns that a far greater menace lies in the unexplored heart of the planet The real Satan can t be killed, and he has been waiting since the beginning of time to gain his freedom Man and his pitiless enemies are mere pawns in the greatest escape ever devised.Mesmerizing and concussive, this darkly brilliant work of imagination galvanizes Jeff Long s reputation as a prodigious talent At once a love story, the ultimate thriller, and an extreme adventure, Deeper will leave you breathless.

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    One thought on “Deeper

    1. Jason

      3 StarsI loved the Descent book one in this series by Jeff Long and have put off reading this book for quite a long time. It is a fun and easy page turner that does not live up to the first book. This book does not have the tension, the scary moments, and it lacks the magic of discovery that The Descent had in spades. It does a nice job at moving the story 10 years further on and creates some very plausible outcomes of Humans versus Hadal's.The story telling and the interview chapters with the A [...]

    2. Kevin

      The Descent was a modern Jules Verne for adults. Its sequel, however, is a supernatural fantasy through and through. The antagonist is an immortal fallen angel yearning to escape his underworld prison. Prominent roles are played by souls that linger and speak to the living. Make no mistake: Deeper is a different animal than its predecessor.If you're still interested, then know that Ali and Ike (apart, not together) reprise their roles as heroes of the story. You'll travel through the dark interi [...]

    3. Julia

      I didn't love this book they way I loved it's prequel The Descent. The first book was more of an adventure/exploration story, going down into the earth and discovering the Hadal's civilization. This one delved more into the identity of "satan" or the being trapped in the earth. He apparently has supernatural powers, but is unable to leave his prison. So he lures travelers and pilgrims to his lair, where he either tortures and kills them, or takes them on as a temporary disciple.The story criss c [...]

    4. Tina

      'Deeper' holds a difficult position: as the sequel to one of the decade's most shocking and imaginative horror novels, it creates very high expectations in its readers. It is hard for such a book to fulfil them, and disgruntled, disappointed fans are almost given.In my opinion, 'Deeper' is a logical continuation of the original material. While it is true that Long abandons the scientific concepts introduced in 'The Descent' in favour of the religious and even supernatural, I have to admit that - [...]

    5. Sirvinya

      I read the first book, The Descent right at the end of last year so when I found there was a sequel I had to read it straight away. I found Descent gripped me all the way through so I was hoping the same would be true for this one.Immediately, this lacked the "edge of your seat" suspense and horror that the previous book did. The bulk of this takes place 10 years after the end of The Descent. The underworld is available for exploitation but only nervous nibbles are taking place.(view spoiler)[Th [...]

    6. Traci

      I've waited a long time for this book and I wasn't disappointed. It's not often that a sequel is better than the original but Jeff Long's sequel to The Descent is better and more terrifying than the first.

    7. Carmen

      Long is a wonderful writer, but I thought this book would never end. It was good to revisit the main characters from The Descent. However, passion and interest-grabbing momentum just aren't present in this sequel. What this story has in abundance are gratuitous violence and death, violation, and a boring and all too human fallen angel.

    8. Phair

      I really enjoyed The Descent but this follow-up was just plain nasty. Too much religious babble. Also had too much blood, gore, angst, torture, gore, evil, greed and more gore with no real pay-off. Seems like a set-up for yet another round below ground. Sadly disappointing.

    9. Eija

      "Helvetin sydän" on jatkoa "Helvetin piireille". "Helvetin piirien" lukemisesta oli kulunut aikaa, mutta kärryille pääsi ihan hyvin ilman muistinvirkistystäkin ja kirjan pystyy muutenkin lukemaan ihan yksittäisenä teoksena, vaikka suotavaa on ensimmäisen osan lukeminen ensin.Kirja kertoo maanalaisesta maailmasta, jota asuttavat hadaalit, ihmisistä erkaantunut julma laji. Syöverissä majailee vankina metkujaan hautomassa ja toteuttamassa itse Saatana, langennut enkeli. Vihjailtiin, ett [...]

    10. Elliot Baker

      Not the best follow up. The descent was one of my all time favorite books. It blended action and adventure with horror so well. Deeper is the follow up. The author decided to go a different route with this one. It's still a better than average read, but it lacks the horrific punch the first book had.

    11. Jacob Lynch august

      I was disappointed that Long deviated from his original novel, The Descent, which at its core attempted scientific reasoning to the easily misunderstood underworld, and allowed truly supernatural entities to enter his mythos.

    12. Deirdre

      This is a sequel to Long's earlier book The Descent. I loved that book and I loved this one as well. In fact I re-read it almost immediately after finishing it.

    13. Esteban LV

      I've read this 2 times, I think, and the first part, The Descent, I can't remember how many times.What did Ike do to deserve that? And that stupid, simpleton idiot with a sniper rifle, infuriating! Clemens is OK, a great villain that thinks much of himself but in reality is just a pawn As Ike. Hunter is a copypaste of the Helios leader Shoat? No, Shoat was the governor's son What was his name?But to the review: a great novel, not as much as the previous one, obviously, but decent enough, it hold [...]

    14. Donovan

      This is the sequel to 'The Descent'. After reading the first novel in a matter of days I went straight out and bought this and it did not let me down or fail to deliver. All the claustrophobia is there as well as new and interesting (if not fantastic) characters make you re-evaluate your initial thoughts of The Descent. I couldn't put this down and finished it within days like I did the first.Plot ***Spoilers***While tensions between the United States and China increase on the surface, sub-plane [...]

    15. Brent Morrison

      I absolutely loved both books that make up this story. Truly original and thought provoking ideas about the nature of hell and evil and so on. The Descent was maybe a bit better only because the tension and sense of discovery was ramped up so high. This one also bogged down a bit with the whole "crusade" plotline.ough at first I dismissed it as ridiculous and unlikely that Rebecca would inspire such loyalty, on further thought and knowing how humans can get carried away on waves of hype and mob [...]

    16. Donna L. Snyder

      Well worth the wait!It's been a very long time since I last read a book that I would consider giving a perfect score to. The first book of this series (The Descent) hooked me right away. After I read it I couldn't wait to get (Deeper: A Novel.). It was as fascinating as I thought it would be. It was wonderful to have two books that made me feel like I was right there where all the action was. I would give it 100 stars if I was able. I'm actually kind of sad that I just finished it. Anyway, now I [...]

    17. Cindy

      Hell exists in this world in two fundamental forms; one physical and geological, and the other, metaphysical and ethereal. Both represent powerful, primordial forces.There is, first, the physical Hell——a labyrinth of caves and tunnels, and rivers and seas of water beneath the surface of the Earth’s crust, crossing under our oceans and continents. It is an unexplored ecosystem with subterranean but diverse forms of life——from insects to reptiles to birds to fish to another earlier human [...]

    18. Elizabeth Reuter

      A lot of reviewers who loved The Descent seem to have picked up Deeper only to be disappointed. Which is understandable, because The Descent was primarily a thriller grounded in reality with just a few religious/spiritual overtones sprinkled here and there, and Deeper is the opposite. For example, Satan is an actual character who directs much of the action.Personally I loved the new, more supernatural direction the story went. Hearing Satan discuss his life and the history of humanity was fascin [...]

    19. Claire

      I had high hopes for this book, after falling in love with "The Descent" and having to go straight out and read the sequel afterwards. I loved the start of this. I was a little disappointed Ike and Ali were in the book apart and that we don't see much of Ike, he was always my favourite, but I loved the new storyline and the directions it took. I loved the way the plot was so fractured and went off in many different ways, the same as The Descent. However, this starts to get lost about half way th [...]

    20. Chris

      Where the first book was an interesting combination of sci-fi and horror, I feel like the second one dove too deeply into fantasy/supernatural elements. That being said, it was compelling throughout and the scattering of social commentary/satirical elements was an interesting addition.

    21. Edward H. Busse, III

      NO SPOILERS!! One word…wow. What a story…the characters were so finely detailed…the environment so vividly described…the premise so very tantalizing. I loved this book - the writing was excellent and the story well laid out. Every page brought something that made me turn to the the next page and the next and the next. The idea that for millions of years there's been a race of creatures/people below the earth's surface and they have a society and they've lost themselves time and time agai [...]

    22. Traummachine

      3.5 stars:After re-reading what is probably my favorite thriller ever (The Descent), I was pretty excited to turn around and read this sequel. Jeff Long's writing style changed quite a bit over the years, so I wasn't sure what to expect. He went from lots of action combined with strange supernatural ideas, to surreal and dreamy with strange supernatural ideas.What I got was really both styles combined. At the beginning it feels very much liked its predecessor, with plenty of action/violence/char [...]

    23. Andy Phillips

      This is a sequel to 'The Descent' and follows several years after the events of the first novel. Read that book first if you haven't already, partly because it sets the scene for this one and partly because it's great. SPOILERS FOLLOW if you haven't read the first book.By the time of this story it is widely accepted that the Hadals existed underground for thousands of years, but that they were wiped out during the events of 'The Descent'. Of course, they are not extinct, as becomes apparent very [...]

    24. Amy

      PB/Horror/Thriller: The is the sequel to The Descent. I enjoyed The Descent and was looking forward to this book. While it was really good in places, it really missed the mark in others. The Descent was so much more believable and suspenseful. Deeper had issues, with time, travel time one point to another, gravity, and character development. Ali and Ike, who were so developed in the first book, were so empty in this one. Then there was the problems with Satan and the whole hell analogy. I zoned [...]

    25. Phillip

      I'm torn on this sequel to Long's excellent first book "The Descent." The intricate details that made the first book so enjoyable are gone in this sequel. This novel just feels more commercialized or sequelized - turned out quicker.That's not to say I didn't enjoy it. I was entertained up until the abrupt ending, which only vaguely answered some questions and left a few other important ones unanswered.Just as in the previous book I read "Dexter in the Dark," there are supernatual/religious eleme [...]

    26. Sophie

      This is one of the times I am extremely grateful that I finish read the rest of series/sequels when the first novel isn't too brilliant.Deeper is a continuation of The Descent. Both novels explore a newly discovered underground world, with a previously unknown intelligent species. They explore the questions of what hell could really be like and whether the Devil really exists.I found The Descent to be a pretty average thriller. It dealt more with how all the underground realm worked scientifical [...]

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