Storm Vol. 2: Bring the Thunder

Storm Vol Bring the Thunder In her adventures as an X Man and her own kind of rebel Storm has made some formidable enemies It doesn t take much for money and power to pull some strings and now Storm is Public Enemy No Can she

  • Title: Storm Vol. 2: Bring the Thunder
  • Author: Greg Pak Victor Ibañez
  • ISBN: 9780785191629
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Storm Vol. 2: Bring the Thunder

    In her adventures as an X Man and her own kind of rebel Storm has made some formidable enemies It doesn t take much for money and power to pull some strings, and now Storm is Public Enemy No 1 Can she evade the authorities long enough to clear her name As vengeful assassins armed to the teeth target her, Storm pursues the mastermind who made her a fugitive but shIn her adventures as an X Man and her own kind of rebel Storm has made some formidable enemies It doesn t take much for money and power to pull some strings, and now Storm is Public Enemy No 1 Can she evade the authorities long enough to clear her name As vengeful assassins armed to the teeth target her, Storm pursues the mastermind who made her a fugitive but she might have to call in help from some unexpected places Then, when Gambit gets in over his head, it s up to Storm to bail him out But while she s remembering how to pick locks, a figure from her past resurfaces as a deadly new threat Will Storm be able to right a wrong she caused long ago Or is she doomed to relive history COLLECTING Storm 6 11

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    One thought on “Storm Vol. 2: Bring the Thunder

    1. Sesana

      Rather uneven, unfortunately. It averages out to kind of mediocre, despite some good scenes and really nice art. The Indiana Jones-esque Gambit issue fell particularly flat for me. I wanted this series to be so much better than it was, which is a shame. At least the cover art is almost universally fantastic.

    2. Paul

      This Storm series was OK. It was entertaining without ever really doing anything that put it above the average line.To be honest, Storm ends up interacting with the other X-Men SO much and tying up so many loose ends from previous X-Men stories that the book ends up being an argument for why Storm can't support a solo title.

    3. Jonathan

      Another fine volume of Storm being an absolute badass. Oh, and some more extraordinary team-ups for good measure.The covers of this series alone are damn good additions to Storm's badassery.

    4. Miss

      LISTEN UP internet i have a mission for youi am going to need you all to band together to pull for a storm moviethink like the carol corps only we'll call ourselves something cool and storm related. storm watch?i would also like lupita nyongo to be cast in that movie but that is negotiable, she is the only actress i can think of who could match storm's radiant beauty but i don't watch a lot of movies so i'm sure there are other options i'm just not familiar withanyways i'm counting on you here i [...]

    5. Michael Church

      I had actually braced myself (yet again) to hate this volume and decide to drop this title, but that was no where near the case. It lost a star because parts of the story are a bit way out there and a bit of a stretch to make things work the way Greg Pak wanted, but it was mostly pretty strong. I also loved that Storm was a person and not entirely consumed by the recent death that has dictates her voice in so many other titles. One thing I have to call out, though, was there REALLY no where that [...]

    6. Drown Hollum

      Volume one of Pak's Storm book was a surprise hit for me, so it really brings me no joy to slap this one with a two-star. Pak fumbles to put a larger story together out of the episodic adventures from volume one, and what could have been a perfectly comfortable episodic narrative turns into a sloppy atonal mess. The opening story arc with Storm being arrested was decent. The art was pretty center of the road, but there was a handful of powerful notes that invoked the racially/globally aware natu [...]

    7. Kristen

      In which Storm does a bunch of badass things that even more strongly set her in my mind as queen. There are some moments where I question whether Storm's character would actually react the way she does in this book, but I'll shrug and take it if it progresses the story and lets me see her do more cool stuff. It has some really good moments where Storm gives me feelings, like inspiration and admiration, but there's also mediocre stuff (like the issue with Gambit). Overall, I do like it though. Th [...]

    8. Christal

      This volume was a bit more cohesive than the previous volume, but I still felt like Storm could have done more. It's a shame this is the end because she is such a great character.

    9. Liana

      I can't believe Storm's solo run is already over This volume was (in my humble opinion) better than its predecessor. It was one continuous story arc, full of action and adventure, and it explored Storm's powers a lot more. We got to see more of her and who she is, how she handles her powers, her position in school, and everything that comes her way; and now I love her even more than before.Can I just take a moment to scream about Gambit's cameo? AAAAAAAA!!! Okay, I'm good. Story time: I used to [...]

    10. Tracy

      Not quite enough to get me to buy this and the first volume of the series, but maybe that's because the first volume of the series wasn't in stock to remind me of its awesomeness?

    11. Roman Colombo

      Storm is a wonderful character, and Greg Pak does great work here, humanizing her in a way that makes her a beautiful force for the entire series. This is how a character-driven superhero should read.The art wasn't always perfect, but I like how Edwards draws Storm's expressions. She can be incredibly stern one panel and have the softest smile in the next.

    12. Ashley

      I ordered Vol 1 and 2 of Storm at the same time. After I figured out that there was only the two volumes, I figured that I might as well get both of them, in case I loved the first and then didn't have the money for the second one, later on. I'm not sure if that was a good plan or not, as I read the 1st volume back in May and it has taken me until now, August, to get around to the 2nd graphic. There isn't much that I can say about this collection that I didn't write in my review for Storm vol 1: [...]

    13. Jessica

      The ending was a bit "meh." I'm not sure what this Storm was missing, but the story arc itself was convoluted. I mean, I love Storm regardless, and while I was happy to support her short run, I just felt that while she was portrayed as a powerful character, I always thought her inner strength was her most powerful weapon. From her marriage to T'Challa to all her veteran abilities at leading a team that I'm not sure was accurately portrayed from this comic. I honestly thought Logan was more of a [...]

    14. Travis

      Really nice to see Storm in the spotlight, out there being a super hero.People tend to treat her like the team's den mother and forget she's pretty cool in her own right. Nice mix of stories as Pak tried to touch on every aspect of Storm's life.Nice use of her history, as well as some X-history, but it never felt like you had to do homework to understand what was going on.Shame this series didn't last longer, but hey, marvel has to make room for yet another Deadpool series.Would have liked to se [...]

    15. Helena

      Storm has always been my favourite comic book character. This solo series was a lot of fun and I enjoyed reading it! Volume 2 touched on some more serious topics than volume 1 (discrimination, racism, etc.). It was well written and the way these topics were handled reminded me of old X-Men comics or the 90's cartoon (which is the way it should be!). What I love the most about volume 2 is how it shows how involved Storm is in the world, with mentions to her past with not just the X-Men, but also [...]

    16. Nadja

      Sooo This one feels even harder to judge than the first one There was nothing in here that I really hated but there was also not much I really loved. Overall it was just kind of inconsistent, some things didn't make much sense for me and the ending was pretty cheesy. Storm seems like this larger than life character, she has been so many things from a queen to a thief, and I liked that while she is incredibly powerfull we can see that she is still human. Overall I think my main problem was that t [...]

    17. Adam Fisher

      GO STORM!!!!Ororo goes through a lot in this book: persecution for being a mutant, being arrested for a crime she didn't commit, fighting against an evil organization's leader, stopping a tidal wave, helping Gambit raid the Vault of Hermes, and turning the tables on a turncoat X-Man helping him realize that doing bad things can be redeemed by doing good. WHEW!A very action packed Volume. Shame this title is ending with Secret Wars looking forward to seeing what next adventure Storm "never gives [...]

    18. Amy!

      I have really enjoyed spending this time with Storm. As I said in my vol. 1 review, she was one of the staples of the 90's X-Men cartoon, which was really my introduction to superheroes and where I fell in love with the X-Men, so she'll always hold a special place in my heart. I think Pak really understands her character, and I would happily continue reading more of her stories. Also, I really enjoyed Gambit's appearance in this volume. Also, also, on a very superficial note, I think her skin is [...]

    19. Victoria (Vicki) Lockett

      This was such a great series? Story? I love Strom with all of my nerd heart, and this did her justice. She's powerful, amazing, and everything I remembered her to be and more. I fell in love with her personality and powers all over again. I really don't have much else to say other than it was amazing, and everyone should read it. Strom is one of the most powerful X-men and you really understand why.

    20. The Fizza

      The first part of this volume was pretty good but the ending was more than a little disappointing and, as with things like this, retroactively diminishes other works. In this case Generation Hope.In the past I've found Pak's work to be rather solid and he was one of the main reasons I decided to read this series, but this was not what I had come to expect from the writer of Planet Hulk, Magneto Testament and Herc.

    21. Christopher Mclean

      After being a little on the fence about the first volume I through this one wrapped things up quite nicely.There is nothing ground breaking here, and it probably ties into the main x-men line to heavily for a solo book, but it was still a satisfying conclusion to a decent little run. Storm continues to be a good character, both the villains featured at least had a some depth and motivation and the more straight laced Beast continued to play well off the slightly off the rails Storm.

    22. Robin Graber

      Storm has been one of my favorite X-Men characters since the beginning of time. She’s always been a smart and strong leader, and has deserved her own run for years. And this did not disappoint. I loved seeing her struggle with being the headmaster at Xavier’s school as she’s always so used to doing so much more. And I loved seeing her relationship with Logan. A must pick up for any Storm fan.Full reviews posted every other Friday at robinhoodreads.wordpress

    23. Chad

      Some ho-hum stand alone Storm stories with mediocre art. It feels like the book started off with some direction with the use of Yukio and the Eagleheart Corporation. But that gets tidied up in the first few issues and then we're left with some filler while we waited for Secret Wars to screw everything up. Greg Pak is usually a much better writer. It feels like his heart just wasn't in it once he found out the book would be ending with Secret Wars.

    24. Justin Lee

      Storm is such a fierce character that it's really hard to do her wrong. This series was great, but the ending let me down. Storm still soars above the rest. This series had me wanting more. More new villians, more character development, and more Storm.

    25. Fate's Lady

      Excellent book. This really gets to the heart of who Storm is and what she wants to be, and it's incredibly well-written. I think there was one issue where the art seemed off, but it's still one of my favorite GNs right now.

    26. Lucas Ribeiro

      this was an awesome book and i'm kinda sad it finished, but it was a good ending. i hope we get a relaunch soon because ororo deserves it.

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