Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights I ve been living two lives for the past seven years One with Victor and the other with Damien Victor I ve known all my life When his parents died he even came to live with my family and I I was so in

  • Title: Sleepless Nights
  • Author: Amanda Heath
  • ISBN: 9781310585470
  • Page: 179
  • Format: ebook
  • Sleepless Nights

    I ve been living two lives for the past seven years.One with Victor and the other with Damien.Victor I ve known all my life When his parents died he even came to live with my family and I I was so in love with him It wasn t until years into our relationship I started to see the faults in him Then he went off to Iraq.Damien was the bad boy biker at our high school EvenI ve been living two lives for the past seven years.One with Victor and the other with Damien.Victor I ve known all my life When his parents died he even came to live with my family and I I was so in love with him It wasn t until years into our relationship I started to see the faults in him Then he went off to Iraq.Damien was the bad boy biker at our high school Even while I was with Victor, I couldn t keep my eyes off of him Then I got on the back of his bike and I thought I finally found my home Then Victor came back wounded.That was all five years ago and now those two lives and my two loves are starting to converge I don t know who I am any and I don t know who I want to be with Though these two guys won t let me be single for long.But one of them has gotten me into a lot of trouble with the mob And now it s up to the other one to save me And before you roll your eyes, that statement isn t what you think You ll be surprised who the bad guy really is.I promise to find my happily ever after, even if it s at the Wrath MC clubhouse in the arms of an alpha biker or in the high society world where I was born and in the arms of my ex army man.Ashley Southerland was here.

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    One thought on “Sleepless Nights

    1. Sheyla ✎

      Damien "Rage"Daniels was prospecting for his father's MC Club, Wrath when he met Ashley Southerland for the first time. Ashley was transfer to a public school after too many fights. At first he thinks he wants her and it is just lust but after getting to know her, he knew it was more than that.“Then, Glossy, one second wouldn’t go by that you weren’t my girl. There aren’t a lot of things I know in life, but I knew the right girl for me the second I met her.”When Ashley is with Damien, [...]

    2. Jenn

      This book had a great concept unfortunately, I felt the story in many areas weren't fleshed out very well. Too many things happening, and too many key players for a 13 chapter book.I felt that the mob friend wouldn't or shouldn't know about the Lux series or who the author was, and commenting about how Daemon Black is a dreamy guy. Isn't he supposed to be scary, badass, mob style guy? How family business is with drugs, whorehouses and killing. Not reading YA books.I felt that too many key player [...]

    3. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)

      3.5 stars - Love doesn't careBeing a huge MC book enthusiast I was excited to read Sleepless Nights. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Damien (aka Rage) and Ashley (aka Glossy). Their chemistry was scorching and I loved his dirty mouth, so of course I was 'Team Rage' from the beginning. I liked seeing how they met in high school and how she got her club nickname. However; I must confess that the random past/present and multiple POV changes was frustrating. The "real" Ashley is a chic [...]

    4. Lindsay

      THIS WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! I have a new love and a second fictional husband! Full review to come after I get some much needed sleep!

    5. Secretly Adorkable Readers

      Ashley & Victor from the Make or Break series & meet DamienI don't always get into MC books due to a lot of adult situations taken place but I love this authors writing and when I found out it was Ashley and Victors story from the Make it series, I had to read it and so glad I took the chance. "There will always be a place inside of me that loves you. It will always hold you close, but I can't let you hold me back anymore. I can't stand to live in the dark when I've seen the light."This [...]

    6. Miri

      I LOVED this book. Very entertaining and full of drama. This a very different book compared to the other MC books I've read But I loved how original the author was with the story. Damien my god I need the alpha male in my life. He's so damn sweet, thoughtful, and just amazing. I loved Ashley too even though sometimes I wanted to smack her. I will definitely be reading the next story from this author.❤️❤️❤️

    7. Nikki

      Ok, I'll fully admit that I wasn't really into reading this. I had it marked as 'maybe to read' but my buddy read buddy chose this and I went with it. At first, it was a little slow going for me to get into it because my heart just wasn't in it to read this book. But then something happened. I guess I opened my eyes and started paying attention and the next thing I knew BAM! I can't put this book down to save my life! I'm fully engrossed in this story that is so much more than I expected! I was [...]

    8. A.R. Von

      I've read dozens of MC stories and a majority of them are all soike. Sleepless Nights was actually a refreshing change! I held the excitement, fun and action of most MC reads with the addition of an original and enjoyable story line that many fans of the genre will enjoy :)Glossy had a bit of a bumpy start with figuring out who she truly was meant to be with. All very understandable when you love your best friend and have known them practically your entire life. Then there's the fact there's a l [...]

    9. Julianne

      **I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**4 starsThis started out tough.So many characters that I lost track. Cousins, brothers, bikers, mob members. Too many.Ashley was a great character though. She has been through alot and it was no thanks to Victor and Rage.Those two made her life hard and heartbreaking.There is only so much one person can go through before they finally break.With Vic she was who he wanted her to be.With Rage she was herself.She hid her true [...]

    10. R

      Wow, my shelves are full of mc. Their should be one big crossover because I'm even getting confused. Still waiting 4 picnic and cash though

    11. Catherine

      While the storyline was somewhat more complicated than the average MC book, the writing seemed more juvenile and didn't keep my interest.

    12. Three Chicks

      4.5 Smoldering, Angsty StarsReview by Lisa KaneI love Amanda Heath's Make or Break series and this new one, the first of her Wrath MC series, is just as good! We are somewhat familiar with Ashley and Victor from the Make or Break series. Ashley is Donovan, Courtney and Channing's sister. She and Victor have been on/off again for years. Most of their problems can be blamed on Annabella, Victor's sister. She has schemed her way through Ashley's entire family, creating havoc and Victor has done too [...]

    13. ❀ Crystal ✿ -

      Copy Provided by Author for Honest Review4.5 Bad-Ass Biker StarsSleepless Nights was one of the best MC novels I’ve read and for only 99 cents, this book is a steal. When it comes to a badass biker and their clubs it’s win or lose for me and very early on I could tell I was going to be pleased. This book can be read as a stand-alone as it is the start of a new series but there are character cross-overs from previous books so if you want more from an author who can actually write an MC book t [...]

    14. Emma Allsop - Perusing Princesses

      3.75 CrownsBook 1 in the new Wrath MC series I have to say I was really eager to read this book As you know this is my genre; throw in a love triangle and I am in book heaven. But would I be floating in memories of men in leather? or would I fall to earth with a thud? time to find out.This book tells the story of Ashley, a girl from a privileged background but also someone that has personal issues. The oldest child and sister to 3 brothers, she has grown up fast and learnt to be tough. Finding h [...]

    15. Gemma Weir

      Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenormal.Sleepless Nights is the first book in the Wrath MC Series but it’s also a spin off from the Make or Break series which I love!!! Here a link to my review of the most recent book in that series Save Me.I was lucky enough to have been given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review so here goesI wasn’t expecting this book to be about Ashley from the Make or Break series but I’m so glad that it was!!!I always [...]

    16. Sue

      Ashley, Victor, Damien and a whole crapload of brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, mother and fathersd so many storylines and plot twists that I almost had trouble keeping all the siblings names straight (add in the biker's road names and OMGLOL)!!BUTI really liked this book a lot was complex and the story spanned over a long period of time, so there was more character development and a depth to the individual relationships that we don't always see in a biker romance novel.When you mix high ran [...]

    17. Elizabeth (Perusing Princesses)

      This MC book is great!! it's like on hyper drive! it moves incredibly fast with sooooo much in it there are bikers, the MOB, and the women in it are not your meek and tiny wall flowers they are strong willed women they are super tough, and make you laugh too!Amanda Heath is awesome at writing a gritty, sarcastic and funny MC story!This story is based around Ashley. she has lived a sort of double life, and she has loved two different men. One is a rich white boy, they other is a bad ass sexy bike [...]

    18. Johnnie-Marie Howard

      The title really made sense to me towards the end of the story when things started twisting and the journey's started to change and let me tell you it was for the best the way it ended although I feel as if I could get more from the characters in this one I know it was time for others to have a turn. I'm just crossing my fingers for more please!!! Full of hottness this is one story that I know will be read again and again by me and for every biker romance lover this is one story that will be a l [...]

    19. Philomena Callan Cheekypee

      I absolutely loved this book. I love biker stories and I thought this was gonna be the same kinda thing but it was so refreshingly different. I ended up reading this in one sitting. I seriously could not put it down. Bribery worked with the kids while reading this:)Ok I'm not gonna say much about the storyline as I don't wanna spoil it. I will say I loved the main characters and the secondary characters too. This looks like a very promising new series. The twists and turns had me gripped and gas [...]

    20. Andrea

      It was a good read. A great deal of the ground work was confusing and seemed to keep coming out as the story progressed. A bit more negative and at times very unnecessary, dialogue going on inside her head. Sorry to say while I got thru this book, I have no desire to read any more in this series.

    21. Jane Hughes

      I enjoyed this book , I really did the thing that bothered me though is that the three other books we read with Ash and Victor were NOTHING like the real them, they were COMPLETELY different characters. I guess that’s sneaky or brilliant on the authors part but instead it made me disappointed in them . Especially Victor who I hated, loathe and hated even more. The way he he was presented before was loving and protective of Ashley. Well nohe was a total douche and I’m kind of mad that the aut [...]

    22. Susi

      Recensione anche sul blog bookishadvisor/Quanti di voi sanno che ho iniziato Where She Went, seguito di Resta anche domani? Quanti di voi sanno che sono volubile, e che la mia curiosità mi porta a leggere cose che non dovrei?Con queste premesse inizio la recensione a Sleepless Night di Amanda Heath, autrice romance, che spazia dal New Adult tipico, serie Make or Brake e Young Love, e l'atipica Wrath MC, al classico romance.Sleepless Night nasce inizialmente come uno dei libro companion della se [...]

    23. Renee W. Tyler,Battery Operated Book Blog

      Damien "Rage"Daniels was prospecting for his father's MC Club, Wrath when he met Ashley Southerland for the first time. Ashley was transfer to a public school after too many fights. At first he thinks he wants her and it is just lust but after getting to know her, he knew it was more than that.Ashley comes from money and being that she feels as if she is supposed to be a particular way due to what and how her mother has raised her. She knows that there is something about her that wants to be dif [...]

    24. Candi-

      I absolutely LOVED this book!! I have read Amanda's Make or Break Series so I was already familiar with Victor and Ashley. I knew they had problems in their relationship and had even broken up over Victor's sister Annabelle but HOLLLY Crap, when you learn what is really going on your jaw will drop to the floor! I was rooting for them to work it out and make their way back to each other.but that was until I met Damian aka Rage.I love that once Ash meets Damian she begins to open up. Damian makes [...]

    25. Roseanna Mcclain

      I am a hugh fan of MC biker book, thats my favorite genre to read, so I was so excited to get my hands on a new one. The synopsis was great and it sucked me in. Thats were that ended. Too much was going on for the book to be so short. You have the mob and the MC and the rich people. It got hard to keep up with everyone. I still dont know who some of the people were. What bothered me the most was how Damien and Ashley's relationship went after Victor came back.(that's all im saying about that) I [...]

    26. Lindsay Ploshnick

      What a great new extension of one of my favorite series. Quiet Ashley is not so quiet or shy after all!!! I love how you see a whole other side to her. Torn between her love for victor and bad a$$ Damien has you so conflicted. Every book prior to this was all about Ashley and Victor, how can one book come along and change my opinion so much!!! The Wrath crew is so different and unique then all the bikers I've met in other books. Of course they're loyal but it's more than just that. My favorite i [...]

    27. Kyles

      Unfortunately I didn't like this book as much as some of Amanda's other books (This Beautiful Thing, Make Me etc).Personally this book just didn't really do it for me as I didn't really connect with or like a lot of the characters: I loved Damien, hated Victor, and disliked Ashley a lot of the time.(view spoiler)[Most of the time I found Ashley to be weak and hypocritical. She didn't like Victor proposing to her for the wrong reasons, but she then asks Damien to marry her so that she won't go ba [...]

    28. Michele A.

      In this interesting triangle, we find out that Ashley has had a relationship with Victor that has been put on hold while he serves his country. Ashley does not want to wait for him to get back so she breaks up with him after much consideration and thought. Damien enters the picture and we find out about their relationship. The story is told in the present day with flashbacks to fill in the back story. Ashley and Damien were a bit immature in their relationship but, given their age at the time, i [...]

    29. Sarah

      It was ok. I didn't like the back and forth between damian and Victor. I found it annoying and Ashley didn't come across strong to me, she just seemed whiny.

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