The Almond Tree

The Almond Tree This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B XM AZM Gifted with a brilliant mind that has made a deep impression on the elders of his Palestinian village Ahmed Hamid is nevertheless tormented by h

  • Title: The Almond Tree
  • Author: Michelle Cohen Corasanti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Almond Tree

    This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B008XM0AZM.Gifted with a brilliant mind that has made a deep impression on the elders of his Palestinian village, Ahmed Hamid is nevertheless tormented by his inability to save his friends and family Living under occupation, the inhabitants of the village harbour a constant fear of losing their homes, jobs, belongings and eachThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B008XM0AZM.Gifted with a brilliant mind that has made a deep impression on the elders of his Palestinian village, Ahmed Hamid is nevertheless tormented by his inability to save his friends and family Living under occupation, the inhabitants of the village harbour a constant fear of losing their homes, jobs, belongings and each other On Ahmed s twelfth birthday, that fear becomes a reality With his father now imprisoned, his family s home and possessions confiscated and his siblings quickly succumbing to hatred in the face of conflict, Ahmed embarks on a journey to liberate his loved ones from their hardship, using his prodigious intellect In so doing, he begins to reclaim a love for others that had been lost over the course of a childhood rife with violence, and discovers new hope for the future.

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    One thought on “The Almond Tree

    1. Aneela

      My Rating: 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ In One Word: Superb!Review: “I had no idea words could have so much power and beauty.”I smiled and cried while reading. I was left speechless when I finished the book. Pondering over evey sentence I read, every bit of emotions I felt, I was over-whelmed how beautifully sad a novel can be. The Almond Tree is a heart-wrenching, self-narrative story of a Palestinian kid, Ichmad Mahmud, his family and their struggles. It is the story of unjust occupation. It is the s [...]

    2. Susan Abulhawa

      I reviewed this novel in a longer essay regarding novels that pervert the cultures and struggles of marginalized peoples. Here is the relevant portion:Michelle Cohen-Corasanti's debut novel, The Almond Tree, is yet another example. The narrative creates sympathy with the oppressed (in this case, Palestinians) by enumerating the litany of injustices they must endure. Cohen-Corasanti, a Jewish White American woman of considerable privilege, said in an interview that she wrote this novel because sh [...]

    3. Jana

      Disclaimer: I do not feel that I am educated enough to judge this novel against real and documented history. The political situation in Israel, Palestine, and the surrounding areas is complicated enough without me taking a ham-fisted swing at it; therefore, I will only be looking at this novel as a work of fiction and weighing it accordingly.The Almond Tree made me roll my eyes so hard and so often that they now swing freely in their sockets. I have googly eyes. I look like a certain cookie-jone [...]

    4. Maureen

      A first reads giveaway. Thank you so much ! The story follows Ichmad, a Palestinian boy and his family. I have never read a book before from a Palestinian perspective, but I'm so glad I have now. It's a brutal, heartbreaking read, but I would recommend The Almond Tree to anyone. Amazing book. Well done Michelle for an alternative perspective.

    5. Angela M

      Something so terrible happens to a family in a small village in Palestine in the first chapter of this powerful novel and I thought they couldn' t endure anymore . I was wrong ; bad things just keep happening and the loss and suffering was overwhelming . Yet, I am glad that I kept reading - actually I couldn't put it down .Ichmad , the oldest son , through a rash and immature decision , has to become the caretaker of his family who live in this occupied village. He is extraordinarily intelligent [...]

    6. Chad Sayban

      Death and hardship are the reality of Ichmad Hamid’s life growing up in a Palestinian village ruled over by the Israeli military. From birth, Ichmad has been taught that the Israelis are the enemy as he has seen his siblings killed or maimed by their brutality. But when his mathematical genius gives him the opportunity to study at the Hebrew university, his wrongly imprisoned father is the only person who insists that Ichmad should follow his dreams and espouse peace rather than conflict. Howe [...]

    7. Jaeri Ayarez

      I was late to find out that I won this book last dec. 1~I just check my mail and found out that I won~This MADE MY DAY into BRIGHTEST!!!I was really surprise, it was my first experience to won in giveaway :DThank you so much :DI'm excited to read it x)I wonder what will I learned and realize after reading this book ^^can't wait :DRe-edited:When I received this book last Dec. 17, 2012:I went home really depressed (because of my exams. I think I will fail, I'm not really good at science especially [...]

    8. Ammara Abid

      Heart breaking & reality based. But it didn't hit me the way it should be. I'm in between 3 & 4 stars. Nevertheless this book has many beautiful lines. "Courage, I realised, was not the absence of fear: it was the absence of selfishness; putting someone else’s interest before one’s own.""Don’t allow guilt to enter your heart, because it’s a disease, like cancer, that’ll eat away at you until there’s nothing left."‘It’s about his sentence, isn’t it?’ ‘Tell me what it [...]

    9. Laura

      I think I was the only Goodread's member to not receive a copy of this as part of the Giveaway. However, my husband was a fortunate recipient of the book. I am not sure that all the political facts were accurate in this book but I do know I loved the story. Highly recommend this book that boasts of courage and perseverance. Favorite quotes from book, "Good things make choosing difficult, bad things leave no choice" and "Courage.was not the absence of fear: it was the absence of selfishness; put [...]

    10. Rowena

      “Throughout history the conquerors have always treated the conquered this way. The bad ones need to believe we’re inferior to justify the way they treat us. If they only could realize that we’re all the same.”The story follows the life of Palestinian Ichmad Hamad and his family over the span of half a century, living in a Palestinian village controlled by the Israeli army. Of his village Ichmad says, “Only five years earlier, it had been filled with olive trees. Now it was filled with [...]

    11. Poet Gentleness

      I have no pleasure to rate a book with one star, so I'll exceed myself on the explanations.Before you complain about my rating or my review on my curated space, please read, learn and think about the real facts. Don’t make a judgement based on what someone told you. Be impartial and listen to both sides. In fact, listen to all sides before you decide for yourself.If you are rude, you're going to be flagged. If you want to discuss my review, do it politely. I’m always available and you can al [...]

    12. Paddy O'callaghan

      There is no doubt in my mind that Michelle Cohen Corasanti is one of today's greatest novelists, and most important socio-political commentators. What she's done with The Almond Tree is highlighted the cause of one of the world's most unjustifiably maligned, and oppressed people. She's also produced a beautiful multifaceted story which is in equal parts utterly riveting, shocking, and addictive. If you liked Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, you'll love this.

    13. Libby

      SPOILER ALERTThis gripping story of Michelle Cohen Corasanti's "The Almond Tree" began in 1955 and centered on the dilemmas of Arab-Israeli conflict. Trended themes covered by her book included the following: the plight of refugees, racism, ignorance, brutality, sacrifice, aspirations, kindness, forgiveness, obligation, education, abuse and power. These themes were explained through the life of the book's main character, Ichmad, and how his family utilized the almond tree that was growing on the [...]

    14. Jen

      A remarkable story about Ichmad, an impoverished child living in war torn Israel through the fighting between the Jews and Palestinians. A devastating view of war and how unarmed citizens are pulled in innocently striping them of loved ones, necessities and at times, even spirit. The story of Ichmad is of a 12 year old boy who was able to rise above and move beyond the barriers of poverty because of his genius mathematical skills. It cost him loved -ones including his own brother who believed hi [...]

    15. Doreen

      I looked forward to reading this book because of the subject matter; unfortunately, the novel was disappointing.The book is the fictional memoir of a Palestinian named Ichmad Hamid. Covering the years from 1955 to 2009, the focus is on the extreme suffering of Ichmad’s large family at the hands of the Israeli occupiers. Crisis follows crisis, although Ichmad is able to better his life because of his intelligence.A major problem is the weak characterization. Ichmad’s portrayal is unrealistic [...]

    16. E.B.

      A Giveaway BookFor Ichmad and Abbas, the world was Hell. One boy would carry that hell around with him like a prison. The other would rise above it, and try to transform it. Both worked toward the same cause: one with a heart fueled by hate, the other with a heart guided by love. Michelle Cohen Corasanti’s The Almond Tree is the story of Ichmad Hamid--a young boy, growing up in an Israeli-occupied Palestinian village. It's a story of war. Ichmad and his family were the victims of hate, victim [...]

    17. Debbie "DJ"

      WOW! What a powerful book and such an incredible story. This one got inside me right away, and held me to the very end. It's a riveting account of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict told mainly through the eyes of one family. The family's extremely different viewpoints all held points of validity. I can clearly see how "doing the right thing" can be so different for each person. How can anyone judge another's experience under such impossible circumstances. I wanted to say this is also a story of h [...]

    18. Ehtesham Khan

      I got a new friend. His name is Ichmad Hamid. Thank you Michelle Cohen Corasanti for writing a good story. I'm biggest fan of The Almond Tree.Full rating novel

    19. Raluca

      Book source: received for review via LibraryThingThe Almond Tree tells the story of a young boy, Ichmad Hamid, who manages to succeed in life only thanks to his intelligence and good will. Caught in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Ichmad's family is left with no home or possesions, so he has to struggle to earn money and survive. Thanks to his natural talent in Sciences, Ichmad receives a scholarship to study in Israel (the country of the soldiers who killed two of his sisters and imprisoned h [...]

    20. Coleen Cloete

      The almond tree was an unexpected and inspiring novel about a history so complex and a war still raging today.We meet Ichmad when he is 7. The story unfolds over a 50 year time period mixing history, fiction, tolerance, intolerance, shock and the choices that shape our lives and leaves us sometimes, sad, disappointed, hopeful and confused.Told from a Palestinian view point the author build a wonderful story around probably one of the most controversial and uncomfortable topics in the world today [...]

    21. Elyse

      This book caught me by surprise. I was blown away! (literally blown away) the very beginning of the book! Its a serious -sensitive -gripping novel ---(excellent engaging-storytelling). *Ichmad Hamid*, the main character, (and voice), is incredible! We watch him age from age 12 to age 60. An astonishing journey. He is exposed to extreme ugliness in the world --and touches on 'beauty'. His personal gift is his 'mind' (gifted in math and science). "The Almond Tree" is well written and genuinely an [...]

    22. S.

      This is a debut novel, so I wasn’t expecting that it would be a masterpiece, but it definitely needed a bit more polish.It was an enjoyable read, and the topic is very pertinent. We are constantly faced with news about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict almost every day, so it was good to read about it. This is the story of a Palestinian boy, who is very intelligent and is caught in the middle of the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. Through the course of the story, he is faced with the o [...]

    23. Carol

      Wow! This work of fiction grabs you from the start with a heartbreaking bang in the devil's field and continues on as one engrossing page-turner of a read right to the very last page.The suffering and painful losses (the gifted) Ichmad Hamid and his impoverished family endured during the never-ending conflict between the Israeli and Palestinians was hard to take, but at the same time, this unputdownable story filled the pages with family commitment and hope for a brighter future through educatio [...]

    24. John Carter

      This is one of the most well-written books that I have ever read. This book is amazingly relevent in a time of heightened tension between the Israelis and Palestinians. This book reminds you of the perspective of the Palestinians, which is a perspective often forgotten by the Western World. I recommend this book to anyone. Thanks FirstReads!

    25. Val Walton

      The Almond Tree is more than a beautiful compelling story.  It is also very sad. Imagine the outcry if a 3 year old Canadian girl died because she chased a butterfly into a field next to her home. And unknown to her had entered a mine field, deliberately put there to kill whoever entered it.This is the story of a Palestinian family whose only crime was to live on a farm Israeli settlers wanted. The family, forced into a hovel and then a tent is pushed to the brink of extinction. The two oldest [...]

    26. Sam

      The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen CorasantiGarnet PublishingISBN 978-1-85964-329-7 Published: September 2012Reading Michelle Cohen Corasanti’s first novel one is immediately conscious that this is must surely be non-fiction.  The details are so personal, so harrowing, yet so full of hope and triumph over evil, you desperately want it to be real.The clues are in the writer’s history. A former lawyer, trained in international human rights law, someone who has lived seven years in Israel and h [...]

    27. Diane S ☔

      Without doubt this Israeli author has written a searing indictment against the Israeli's treatment of the Palestinians. I am not going to comment on the politics but just comment on the story told. It is very well written, well researched, parts are very difficult to read as our many when atrocities and war take over civilians lives. Regular people just hoping to lead normal lives, with enough money for food and shelter in which to take care of their families. This book opens with a heart-wrench [...]

    28. Nicolle

      This book was so engaging that I couldn't stop reading long enough to change my status from 'to-read' to 'currently reading'. When I entered to win this book on First Reads I thought it would be an average "ok" read but how wrong was I! I learnt so much from this book about life in Israel and to be honest it was extremely shocking. Of course I know there is depravity in many parts of the world including Israel but I just didn't realise the extent of the conflict and hatred between the Jews and [...]

    29. Kelley

      Novel received courtesy of giveaway.I loved this novel even though I could only read small chunks at a time. It usually doesn't take me a week to read a 350 page novel! However, the author wrote so beautifully and so vividly that sometimes I just had to take a break."The Almond Tree" is about the way the Palestinian people have been forced to live for the past several decades. Politics aside, as a Westerner, I had absolutely no idea this forced/enforced living arrangement was going on. No wonde [...]

    30. Julie Fischer

      Michelle Cohen Corasanti has written an enlightening book on the consequences both politically and emotionally when Palestine is to give up part of it's country's land to the tortured Jewish people after World War II. I was unable to put this book down once I began reading the story. The characters and story were both well developed. I felt that this was a great history lesson for myself. World News unfortunately often only presents one side of the story.

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