Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for Me

Knock Knock My Dad s Dream for Me Every morning I play a game with my father He goes knock knock on my door and I pretend to be asleep till he gets right next to the bed And my papa he tells me I love you But what happens when one

  • Title: Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for Me
  • Author: Daniel Beaty Bryan Collier
  • ISBN: 9780316209175
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for Me

    Every morning, I play a game with my father.He goes knock knock on my door and I pretend to be asleep till he gets right next to the bed.And my papa, he tells me, I love you But what happens when, one day, that knock knock doesn t come This powerful and inspiring book shows the love that an absent parent can leave behind, and the strength that children find in themselEvery morning, I play a game with my father.He goes knock knock on my door and I pretend to be asleep till he gets right next to the bed.And my papa, he tells me, I love you But what happens when, one day, that knock knock doesn t come This powerful and inspiring book shows the love that an absent parent can leave behind, and the strength that children find in themselves as they grow up and follow their dreams.

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    One thought on “Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for Me

    1. Betsy

      There is a perception out there amongst certain types of parents that the only picture books worthy of their little geniuses are those that reflect their own lives perfectly. I’ve complained about this before but there is nothing more disturbing to me than when a children’s librarian shows a parent a perfectly lovely book only to be asked, “Do you have anything a little less . . . urban?” And this in the heart of New York City no less. Of course we all know what “urban” is code for. [...]

    2. Kellie

      A book to have in the tool kit for every teacher, social worker, and psychologist has been written by Daniel Beatty and Brian Collier called, "Knock, Knock." I cannot speak highly enough about it. I believe that one of the hardest topics to discuss with children is loss because it hurts to even think about, let alone experience it and talk about it to kids with their tough questions. It starts out with a little boy speaking of a game that he plays with his father. His dad appears to be the one w [...]

    3. Andrew

      This is an illustrated children’s book that is truly moving and profound to the point where I was in tears. Thankfully I had already got home with it from the library and wasn’t standing in the children’s section sobbing. I do that in a different section. And thankfully I read it to myself before my kids cause I don’t think I could’ve gotten through this. Great book

    4. Catherine

      This book is an award winner of the Coretta Scott King Award in 2014 and is based off of the author's life. Every morning the boy’s father wakes him by playing a game of knock knock. The boy pretends to be asleep until his papa walks next to his bed. The boy then jumps into his papa’s arms and his papa tells him he loves him. But one day, the knock knock doesn’t come. The boy waits and waits, but papa never shows up. The boy worries about who is going to teach him how to dribble a ball, ho [...]

    5. Genee121

      Knock Knock My Dad's Dream for Me, written by Daniel Beaty, illustrated by Bryan Collier moved me to tears. What an amazing heartfelt story about how a boy and his father played a game "Knock Knock" each morning until he was three. The father would enter his sons room. The child would pretend to still be asleep until his dad was standing right next to his bed. Then the child would leap into his fathers arms. One morning, his father's knock never comes. Day after day, the child waits for his fath [...]

    6. Bookishrealm

      This storyere aren't words to describe how important this story is and how it can aide young children in coping with the loss of a parent due to death, divorce, or incarceration. It was beautifully written and illustrated and dealt thoughtfully with such a difficult topic. I definitely could have used a story like this when I was longer since I lost my dad to divorce. I moved to a completely different state and wasn't able to see him. It took a long time for me to come to terms with that and it [...]

    7. Caryl

      Can't go wrong with Bryan Collier's illustrations. And the story -- oh my. At first, my grown-up self wanted to know what happened to the boy's dad. But then I asked my kids what they thought happened, and they both had different ideas, and both ideas were different from the ones I had. Leaving it open-ended didn't bother them at all, and it encourages the reader to find connections and think about possibilities.

    8. Taylor Litke

      "Knock Knock" written by Daniel Beaty Illustrated by Bryan CollierText to Self ConnectionDefinition- Text-to-self connections are highly personal connections that a reader makes between a piece of reading material and the reader's own experiences or life.Connection 1- Page 2“Every morning I play a game with my father”, this connects to me because as a child by father used to wake me up every morning before he went to work. He would wake me up by knocking on the door, and then coming in and t [...]

    9. Carrie Charley Brown

      No matter what form of loss one experiences, the underlying message of pressing on through adversity rings strong in this story. The emotional resonance is greatly present in both art and text. It provides an eye opening view into the compassion and support of the characters and connects straight to the reader's heart.

    10. June

      A heartbreaking story of the void created in a child's life with the loss of his father and his struggle towards manhood and to fulfill his father's dream. Collier's beautiful and powerful illustrations almost take over the story. If the story doesn't have you in tears the Author's Note will.

    11. Katie Clark

      Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for Me is an inspiring and beautiful realistic fiction book that will touch the lives of many children. This book focuses on a young boy who loses his father as a child. Every morning, the father would knock on the boy’s door and they would play a game. But one day, the boy doesn't hear the knocks on his door anymore. He waits patiently for his dad to return, but he never does. The boy feels a void in his life, but eventually is able to overcome his loss.The illustr [...]

    12. Amy Layton

      I read this in my class for a quick project, and wow. It is certainly one of the most powerful things I’ve read this year. Beaty’s narrative is incredible and heartbreaking, but Collier’s illustrations truly take the cake.The main character’s father disappears one morning, and nobody (read: the narrator nor the reader) knows why. So the boy wonders. And worries. And writes him a letter, to which the father responds. And it’s heartbreaking in the best way.But it’s Collier’s collages [...]

    13. Avery Ellison

      Knock Knock focuses on the experience of a child whose father is absent because of incarceration. He misses the relationship that they have and focuses on a particular game that they played. The story follows him and his ideas as he grows into a man and has a family of his own. The major theme that runs through his tale is how much the loss of that connection affects his everyday life. It is something that he thinks about and misses even when it is not acutely present.The art throughout the book [...]

    14. Ally Patch

      Knock Knock: My Dad’s Dream for Me by Daniel Beaty. Copyright 2013 Genre: FictionKit Lit: Coretta Scott Kind Award Winning Picture Book (SPOILER ALERT) This is such a cute book. Knock Knock is about a boy who has this “knock knock” game with his father, until one day it stops and the boy doesn’t know why. Days keep on passing and the father isn’t home so the boy decides to write to the father asking him to come home. Two months pass until he receives a letter from his father saying he [...]

    15. Leslie

      It is not unusual enough for me to laugh loud enough to draw attention when reading picture books in public spaces. It is a rare moment for a picture book to draw a tear, even in private. Kate DiCamillo’s The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is one that slays me every time. Seated with a stack of picture books in the studiously quiet adult section of the library, I was tearing up and sniffled beneath a few casual stares.I was first moved by the tender ritual between father and son. The hear [...]

    16. Jill

      Every morning, a young boy waits for his father to go KNOCK KNOCK on his bedroom door. The boy pretends to be asleep and then jumps into his father’s arms when the dad comes up to his bed. But one day Papa stops coming, “and morning after morning he never comes.” The boy misses his father terribly, and writes him a letter telling him all the things he misses. He is especially worried that his father won’t be there to teach him what he needs to know to be a man. “Papa,” he says, “co [...]

    17. Samantha Simmons

      Each morning, a little boy looks forward to playing the knock-knock game with his father. The boy pretends to be asleep until his dad approaches. One day, though, and for every day after, the boy’s father fails to appear. We as a readers, are told the boys father has gone to jail, but the boy does not know that. He thinks him and his father are just missing each other when they are home. The boy then writes his dad a letter sine he has not seen him in a while and leaves it in his room. They bo [...]

    18. Anna Smith

      Story Summary: A young boy and his father have this game in the morning where the father will knock twice on the sons door to wake him up and that is their morning ritual until one morning the father does not come. The boy goes days without seeing his father and he begins to worry about how he will ever learn anything without his father here to teach him. So he writes him a letter and a few days later his dad responds with the advice that he would give him and tells him that he will not be comin [...]

    19. Joan

      You can feel how personal this book was for both the author and the artist. It is no wonder that it was a King Illustrator winner. Collier is a masterful artist and deserves a Caldecott one day. Collier actually heard the author perform this book. This can be used for bibliotherapy but will have to be handled in a very tactful way. While it doesn't say why the father went away in the text, the author's afterword makes it clear that his own beloved father was incarcerated when he was very young s [...]

    20. Samantha

      Incredibly moving, this picture book features a child's perspective on the void of missing parent; a father. The boy and his father share a secret game full of love, but unexpectedly the game comes to end without much in the way of explanation. The boy remains ever faithful and writes his father a letter that sits unread in his room. When a letter from the boy's father finally arrives, it expresses apology, but focuses much more on hopes and dreams the father has for the boy's future. The boy is [...]

    21. Teresa Moreland

      Based on the author’s real life, a young boy wakes every morning to his father knocking at his door-a type of game and special moment between the two. One day, his father does not knock. Days and weeks go by, nothing. Eventually the boy finds out his father has been incarcerated, and will not be returning home. The father soon sends him a letter, telling the son to live his life and make something great of it.As the son grows he becomes successful and creates a family of his own, but still fee [...]

    22. Disa

      Coretta Scott King AwardA powerful picture book of a young boy affected by the absence of his father. He struggles through day to day activities expecting his father to return and unfortunately learns that overtime he never does. This beautifully illustrated book created in watercolor and collage sets the tone for a very emotional story of a young boy's journey through life without his father. The illustrator uses a lot of symbolism within the father's hat, and the structure of each page. He car [...]

    23. Lauren

      This beautiful picture book is advertised as suitable for grades preschool through third grade, but truly, this book would be perfectly acceptable in middle school classrooms as well. The content is somewhat heavy, but the text is eloquently written and the heavy content is tastefully presented. This book deals with the issues of an absent parent, and a child's struggle to come to terms with and accept this situation, as well as move forward. Although the subject matter is tough and the ending i [...]

    24. Maria

      I absolutely love this book! The story begins with a little boy always being greeted by his dad every morning. The dad would walk in his room and say,"knock, knock." The boy would pretend he was sleeping until dad woke him up. It's not until one morning his dad no longer showed up to his bedroom and actually didn't end up showing up for the rest of his life. This sad contemporary realistic-fiction book can be really relatable to many kids. The author explains that at a very young age his dad was [...]

    25. Sandy Brehl

      I can't imagine assigning less than five stars for anything by Bryan Collier. In this case, though, as powerful and perceptive as the images are, it's the text that I will never forget. The father's disappearance is not assigned a reason except in the back matter, where it is explained beautifully. The poignancy and principles of the young narrator are both believable and wrenching. Incarceration of a parent is tragic. It's specially damaging to an entire group as data reveals how disproportiona [...]

    26. Billy

      It was easy for me to find a text-to-self connection with Knock Knock because my father was also fairly absent during my childhood because of divorce. While the child's age is never stated, the illustrations (an excellent mix of watercolor and collage) portray him as being fairly young, maybe a bit older than I was at the time of my parents' divorce (age 4-5). "And then one day the knock never comes." and "'I am sorry I will not be coming home.'" are two lines in the book that really resonated w [...]

    27. Ruby Choe

      The Knock Knock: My Dad’s Dream For me is a realistic fiction. Even though the texts in the book are short, I think it has deep meanings inside. It is about a boy who was taken care of by his father while his mom was working. However, the boy notices that his father is gone one day and never came back. He later finds out his dad was incarcerated. The boy’s father writes a letter to his son about how he should be in the future. For instance, teaching the boy how to shave as he grew older thro [...]

    28. Yesenia

      Knock Knock My Dad's Dream For Me it about a boy who plays a game with his father.One morning his father never came back.So, the boy decides to write a letter to his father telling him that he misses him a lot.After days go by the boy finally receive a response from his father.In the letter his father tells him that he will not come back and from now on he will be responsible to do everything by himself.It is a sad story but is realistic fiction because it has some deep meanings we can see this [...]

    29. Kristen

      Wow. This is one of those books that is going to mean the entire world to some kids.I love you, Daniel Beaty, for making the story start with the game the boy and his father play every day, where the dad knock knock's on the door, the boy pretends to be asleep, and the game ends with a hug and an "I love you". We know this dad loves his son.But the day comes when dad doesn't knock any more. Love that the boy writes a letter, and the letter the dad writes back? Breaks your heart wide open. I got [...]

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