Fourmile Twelve year old Foster knows in his gut that Dax Ganey the man dating his widowed mother is a bad seed Then a mysterious stranger arrives at their Alabama farm a former Army Ranger in Iraq rambling

  • Title: Fourmile
  • Author: Watt Key
  • ISBN: 9780374350956
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fourmile

    Twelve year old Foster knows in his gut that Dax Ganey, the man dating his widowed mother, is a bad seed Then a mysterious stranger arrives at their Alabama farm, a former Army Ranger in Iraq rambling across the country, and Foster believes he has found an ally against Dax The stranger proves a fascinating mentor, full of wisdom and secrets And Dax soon has reason to reTwelve year old Foster knows in his gut that Dax Ganey, the man dating his widowed mother, is a bad seed Then a mysterious stranger arrives at their Alabama farm, a former Army Ranger in Iraq rambling across the country, and Foster believes he has found an ally against Dax The stranger proves a fascinating mentor, full of wisdom and secrets And Dax soon has reason to resent not just him and Foster but also Foster s mother A spurned Dax will be a dangerous enemy, but Foster is increasingly aware that the stranger is just as dangerous, if not so.From the author of one of the most highly acclaimed children s survival adventures of the last decade comes this tautly wound new novel reminiscent of classic westerns, about a boy caught in the middle of a clash that may turn out to be his own battle to fight.

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    One thought on “Fourmile

    1. Mrs. Strudthoff

      Just finished "Fourmile" by Watt Key (also the author of "Alabama Moon). You do NOT want to read this book before you try to fall asleep. It's not a scary book but the fast-paced action and suspense will get your adrenaline pumping and you won't be able to sleep.Foster, his dog Joe, and his mom live at Fourmile, the name of the farm that his dad bought a number of years ago. Foster's dad is dead--but you don't find out how he died until later in the book. Mom has a boyfriend, Dax, who is incredi [...]

    2. Cathy Blackler

      Another gripping, coming of age tale by Watt Key. A terrible accident leaves Foster and his mother wanting to put the pieces off their lives back together. Enter Dax, evil incarnate. With the help of Gary, a mysterious stranger who breezes through their lives with secrets of his own, Foster & his mother learn to live with the pain of the past and realize the power and importance of moving forward.

    3. Emily Northcutt

      This is definitely a book with a lot of potential appeal to reluctant readers. Its portrayal of farm life is something that doesn't come up very often in the literature I read and would speak to the life experience of many of my male students. Coincidentally, I would classify many of my reluctant readers as those same farm boys. Without having taught in rural KY farm country for the last 8 years, there are lots of details in this novel that would have gone right over my head before i got to know [...]

    4. Angus

      The tension slowly builds during this well-crafted novel. A stranger comes into the lives of a 12-year-old boy and his mother just as they are struggling to sell the farm they live on after the unexpected death of the husband/father. The stranger promises to help fix up the place in order to sell it. Both Foster, the boy and his mother grow to admire and value the presence of the stranger, especially when he confronts the mother's abusive boyfriend. But the stranger has secrets he is not sharing [...]

    5. Mari Anne

      Wow! Key can really craft a great story. I could hardly put this one down. Once again though I feel that this book might be a bit old, both in subject matter and language, for its intended audience of middle grade readers. This is the story of Foster, a child who has lost his father in a horrific accident, his mother and her poor choice of a boyfriend, Dax. Into their life comes a mysterious stranger and the story evolves from there. I think this would be an excellent story for older teens (mayb [...]

    6. Tiger Emrich

      First reaction is DANG!!! This book made me so happy, sad, angry, and all other emotions. The beginning of the book made me really mad. Foster is the main character. I don't necessarily relate with him but I understand what he is going through. His mom has a horrible boyfriend. Except, they aren't dating?? It's kind of weird. Her boyfriend, Dax, is super fake. He is nice to Foster's mom but not to Foster. The author does a really nice job to make you dislike him. Like, I wanted to hit him and I' [...]

    7. Hunter

      Fourmile is a really good book. Its easy to read and not very complicated. I liked the book because it was basically me. I never really want to leave my house like Foster. But I'm for a different reason. The story gets kind of sad near the end of the book. At the end of the book you find out where and how Fosters dad died. They also burry Joe where there dad died. Joe is Foster's dog who got poisoned by Dax. At the end of the book it was pretty predictable that Foster was going to go to Montgome [...]

    8. Cole Syring

      This book was really good to read. The book started with Foster and his mom moving to a new town and living on a farm but Foster didn't like that. I was surprised with the start of the book how Foster got mad and went out to the guys truck and threw a brick at his windshield. I knew he would be mad at Foster for it. He mad Foster help him paint the barn and other things for it, but Foster didn't mind doing so of the things. Later on I was shocked that the soldier that came to the house started a [...]

    9. Stephanie A.

      November 2015: I really enjoyed Barbie and Joe's dynamic on "Under the Dome" (TV version), and this book gave me something similar in spades. A preteen boy, recently down a father, latches with hero worship onto a cool older guy fresh out of the Army, drawn to his physical strength, handiness with tools, all-around life skills, understanding of dogs (and boys), humble quietness and obvious strength of moral character, despite equally obvious shades of darkness in his past. But you can tell it's [...]

    10. Oakley

      I din't really like this book at all. This book could barely keep my attention for more than a chapter. I think that there really was not much action in this book. There was even an entire chapter on just painting a fence. This book didn't do well on making me feel any emotion. I don't really feel like this book has much to offer. (WARNING SPOILERS) I didn't even really care when one of the main characters died. Overall I don't recommend this book to anybody. But you might like this book because [...]

    11. Cassie O

      FourmileBy: Watt Key Watt Key grew up around books. His grandfather and parents would always read him books. Key enjoyed books and books were most of his entertainment. Key writes fictional books. One of his fictional books is named Fourmile. Fourmile is a very interesting full of adventuring through life type of book. It describes a family with no dad and how tough that can be. The mom tries to fix it with replacing Foster’s dad with a new boyfriend. You can tell Key put in a lot of time towa [...]

    12. Ms. Yingling

      Foster is still struggling with the death of his father, and is irritated that his mother is dating the volatile and unpleasant Dax. Dax is cruel to his dog Joe, rude to Foster, and controlling with his mother. The farm needs to be sold because they can no longer keep up with the work, and Dax is no help at all. One day, Foster meets Gary, who is walking across the US to get to Texas. He stays the night in the barn and starts to help out around the farm in exchange for being able to sleep in the [...]

    13. Kaylynn Kissinger

      I personally found Fourmile extremely intriguing. This novel, really conveys the thought of keeping your memories with you wherever you go. Also, Key tries and succeeds to portray that people who are least expected in your life can mean so much: sometimes you just need to pick your head up and see people for who they really are. Dax, who is Foster’s mother’s boyfriend sort of represents the issues in life that “ruin” your memories of a better time. When Gary comes along, Foster gets his [...]

    14. Kary

      I have been absolutely gutted by this book. In the best possible way, of course. Foster is still grieving the loss of his father while his mother is in a relationship with a very volatile, abusive man, Dax. A wandering stranger, Gary, shows up at the farm and immediately Foster feels drawn to him. Foster's mother offers him a place to stay in their barn if he helps to fix some things up around the farm. Meanwhile, things with Dax start to spiral out of control, and Gary gets in the middle of it. [...]

    15. Artem

      The book Fourmile by Watt Key is a really good book.It talked about a life of a boy or Foster who lost his dad. After his dad died, Fosters mom finds a boyfriend who turns out to be bad but seems nice at first. Foster spends a lot of time with the his moms boyfriend and he starts to feel like somethings wrong with him. Foster then runs into a man who ends up helping him out. He fixed up his farm and got his life together. To find out more read the book.

    16. Anthony Chornyy

      Fourmile by Watt Key was a book that talked about the life of a boy who lost his father. After his father died, the boy's mother finds a bad boyfriend who seems nice at first. The more the boy spends time with his mother's boyfriend the more he sees the bad side of the boyfriend. The boy(Foster) runs into a man who ends up helping Foster fix up his farm and get his life together. Read the book to find out the rest.

    17. Preston Leisure

      I really liked Fourmile. I liked how Gary came into the story. I liked the sequence of the book. I was surprised when Joe died. I didn't expect it when Gary's arm was cut. What I didn't like about Fourmile was Dax. But every story needs a villain. I didn't expect Linda to break up with Dax. The thing I liked most about Fourmile was how Foster made friends

    18. Martha

      When you and your dog do not like your mother's boyfriend, how do you handle it? When a stranger comes around, how do you handle it? This is intense writing about dangerous people that has Foster in the middle of the situation. Not for the faint of heart.

    19. Frezanda

      This book gives me a bittersweet feeling. Though story wise it's a simple story, the emotion packed in the book is multi-layered and deep. This is a story about letting go and moving on. As we grew up, this is a skill we learnt. That doesn't mean leaving things behind is an easy thing to do.

    20. Trai Ervine

      this book is really good. At the begging of the book its not that good but it will make you wanna keep reading until its over.

    21. Kathy

      Hard to put down. Compelling, tense, and thoughtfully written. I wonder about the story; is it based on truth? Full review will be on the blog!

    22. Rosemary Karnowski

      Story of a young boy, his recently widowed mother, her evil "boyfriend," and a mysterious stranger who happens to enter their livesd stays long enough to make an impact on them all. I loved the level of character development and the realistic representation of the difficulties impacting each of them as individuals and as respective pairings. Quite a page turner that was an easy read yet contained a riveting subplot.Recommended for young adult males and females.

    23. Elana

      I though that this book was touching. It had everything you would look for in a book. This was one of my favorite books. I strongly suggest this book if you are very emotional person. Because this book has some touching parts to the story.

    24. MaddieBottles

      By far, this was one of my favorite books! You just have to read it to understand! It is really hard to write a review for this one. JUST READ IT!!!

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