La Théorie des dominos

La Th orie des dominos Lundi s rie d attentats sur les r serves p troli res Mardi effondrement des march s Mise en quarantaine des transports Mercredi restriction de l approvisionnement en vivres et en nergie Jeudi coupure

  • Title: La Théorie des dominos
  • Author: Alex Scarrow Laura Derajinsky
  • ISBN: 9782253128618
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • La Théorie des dominos

    Lundi s rie d attentats sur les r serves p troli res Mardi effondrement des march s Mise en quarantaine des transports Mercredi restriction de l approvisionnement en vivres et en nergie Jeudi coupure de l lectricit , magasins pris d assaut Vendredi La panique et le chaos s emparent de la rue Le sc nario apocalyptique est en marche Un seul homme peut l aLundi s rie d attentats sur les r serves p troli res Mardi effondrement des march s Mise en quarantaine des transports Mercredi restriction de l approvisionnement en vivres et en nergie Jeudi coupure de l lectricit , magasins pris d assaut Vendredi La panique et le chaos s emparent de la rue Le sc nario apocalyptique est en marche Un seul homme peut l arr ter.

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      275 Alex Scarrow Laura Derajinsky
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    One thought on “La Théorie des dominos

    1. Chris Horsefield

      Not as good as I expected it to be.I took two things away from this read. First cut off the oil supply and civilization collapses awfully fast (nobrainer on that). Second .ank god for the second amendment.

    2. Kiera Healy

      This is a mad book about peak oil, so a good one for the conspiracy nutjob in your life. As the world's oil supplies are abruptly cut off, one somewhat ordinary family struggles to cope. Dad, an oil engineer, is trapped in Iraq whereupon he quickly goes into fight mode with a group of soldiers who use the word "smeg" in place of "fuck" (???). Mum's fate is worse, though: she's trapped in Manchester. Meanwhile, daughter is at uni and son is at school, and soon all their lives are thrown into dang [...]

    3. Penelope

      This book made me really think and also kept me awake worrying about stockpiling tinned food! It's an excellent thriller that keeps you turning the pages long into the night. Nice short chapters and fast paced writing an excellent choice for those who are wondering what might happen when the oil runs out. I believe the author is working on a sequel so I look forward to that.

    4. F.R.

      This apocalyptic novel has a fascinating premise. One day the supply from the planet’s oil fields and the oil pipelines shuts down and as a result the world collapses into chaos. (In true H.G. Wells fashion, the book says ‘The World’ while concentrating on Britain and London – and a bit of Iraq). The roads are closed to conserve fuel, because there are no flights there is no more imported food which soon leads to riots in supermarkets and then on the streets, and man regresses and gives [...]

    5. Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho

      Well, this was I don't know. So I am going to give stars and take stars as I write the reviewSomething. After reading dozens books dealing with apocalyptic and post apocalpytic scenarios I don't know what to think about this one. The premises is simple. Due to the sabotage then shortage of the oil refinaries, the world is plunge to a dark age. Not the first writer to pursuit this scenario but it's not that common. (3 Stars for that)The "whys" we learn as we skip the pages but it's only in the la [...]

    6. Andy Gibb

      This is a bloody good read in that it ticks all the thriller boxes. In particular it rattles on at pace, introduces twists and keeps you guessing to the end. On the downside the production of the book seems rather rushed (maybe to beat real life?) with some untidy writing but it's all perfectly readable.My focus is on whether it's believable, especially in the light of my own researches into peak oil and collapse. For that is the “what if” here and my answer is a qualified yes, despite a tou [...]

    7. Fiona

      I couldn't put this down. And when I wasn't reading it, I was worrying about what "was happening" and if the various characters "would be ok". In other words, total suspension of disbelief as I spent a few days tied to the story.Scarrow writes with an immediacy that had me gripping the book in a tight hot hold, hardly daring to breath. I had this book for a long time and was put off by the 1-star reviews but once I started I was hooked. I liked the main characters, I liked the way Scarrow wasn't [...]

    8. Keith Currie

      It's no work of literature but it is a more than passable thriller on a fascinating topic - what would happen if the world's oil production was suddenly halted. Good things include the focus on the family split across the country and across the world as its members attempt to reunite against a background of a collapsing society; not so convincing is the conspiracy group responsible for the collapse in the first place and their shadowy hit-man, Ash. I enjoyed this undemanding, but thought-provoki [...]

    9. Kat

      When it comes to post-apocalyptic novels, the ones I find I enjoy the most are the ones that are very real scenarios. Not that zombies or alien invasions aren't realistic scenarios (yep, I had to say that!), but natural disasters or man-made disasters such as the storyline of Last Light are the ones that scare me the most.I first read Last Light in 2009 or 2010, but I've always wanted to go back and revisit it again, because as well as being entertaining, it's a book that carries a message - the [...]

    10. Keith

      The premise is a well thought out exposition of the implications of the Peak Oil theory, that modern society survives solely by the plentiful supply of oil. The drama occurs when this supply is suddenly cut off. The Middle East, South American and Nigerian supplies are stopped and it's a matter of days before civilisation starts to fall apart.The story follows the Sutherland family, Andy, a Peak Oil bore currently working in Iraq, Jenny, stuck in Manchester and their children, Leona and Jacob, a [...]

    11. Robin Carter

      This book WILL be the thriller of the year, its a cover to cover gripping what if that will suck you in and leave you thinking, wondering and probably a hell of a lot scared about just how fragile our modern lifestyle really is.I dare any of you to read this book and finish it with a clear concience about your carbon footprint, to not check the cupboards to see what food you have in and to wonder if leaving the city might be an ideasose programmes about a better life in the country will not look [...]

    12. fivethousandbooks

      Mar 20 - I just finished reading a few chapters and I already want to stock my pantry with canned goods and barricade my door! Mar 22 - I really enjoyed reading this book and I had nightmares the night I started reading it - I kept waking up and trying to remember how to survive if ever this situation happened. And I think at some point in our lives, maybe, it will. And the catastrophic conditions that Scarrow described in his novel would be all too real.

    13. Gregoire

      Un (bon = plaisant à lire) livre sur les conséquences d'une brutale pénurie de pétrole Un poil"too much" avec un goût prononcé pour les (très) grands effets à l'américaine et les stéréotypes Lu en deux soirées Pas certain qu' il me reste en mémoire longtemps ; il m'a manqué une pointe d'originalité pour la 3e étoile mais certains lecteurs -moins passionnés que moi pour le thème -y trouveront certainement leur compte

    14. Dan Jenkins

      This is a book all of us should read. We all know the truth, but will not face up to it. We know it's going to happen and do nothing. I guess this is one of those instances where we know we probably won't be around to see it, but our children most likely will. It's a very important book, well written and difficult to put down. Read it and the next time you "gas up", think of Andy.

    15. Jacob Salinas

      A very sobering but (and this is hard to do) completely entertaining book that paints a very possible picture of the complete societal breakdown that would occur if oil production was suddenly and permanently disrupted across the globe. The characters are identifiable and the story is absolutely gripping. This book scared the crap out of me!

    16. Penny

      This book was bad, and it should feel bad. This terrible book reads like a conspiracy theorists craziest fantasies. It reeks of a lonely man SO SURE of his theories. So many times in the book the wife thought "if only I had listened to my crazy husband!"

    17. Jules

      Just in case A frighteningly plausible apocalytic scenario that I find myself revisiting on a regular basis. Books like this make me think I should stock up on tinned goods and bottled water and maybe do some combat trainingyou never know!

    18. 1brotherbill

      This book will make you think about going to the store and get some canned food. Maybe by a gun at the local sporting goods store. Maybe make you want to learn how to make soap or a pair of shoes. Honestly this book kind of scared me.

    19. Iona

      A promising start and pretty much right into the action. Sobering scenario of Britain in panic due to oil shortages. Not sure if it could ever happen but it's a scarey thought. At last a book that I want to keep picking up and reading to see what happens next. The story is told from the perspective of 4 people and skips from one to the next, leaving a hanging moment each time. Building up the excitement by half way through and keeping you wanting more. It kept up until the end and didn't disappo [...]

    20. Alfie James

      Well, this was a tough one to put down! I loved how it made me think about how we, as the world, rely so heavily on oil and consider the terrible effects it would have should it ever be taken away. This story is action packed, well paced but very sobering yet managed to keep me entertained and turning the pages. I really hope this situation never becomes a reality. That would suck. I highly recommend this book.

    21. Chris

      This was an excellent read of what would happen if oil production stopped and how vulnerable we are as a society.If 1984 was a warning of what could happen and what is happening now then Last Light is too.

    22. Richard Cheesman

      Bloody terrifying - a near future look at our dependence on oil for almost everything. A plausible scenario and the post apocalytic decay of modern society so dependent on our dwindling reserves. Great read, but uncomfortably so.

    23. Adelina

      I read the second volume from the series before the first one, so I knew what to expect. The book was still interesting, although I enjoyed the second volume much more than the first one.

    24. Dave Farmer

      Reviews can be very handy when thinking about a purchase. Aside from the interesting subject matter on the cover blurb, it was the reviews on than prompted me to read this book. In particular many reviewers said the same thing: "uldn't put it down" which to me is usually a good sign I'll also enjoy reading it.The story moves at a decent pace and keeps you wanting to know what happens next. Characters are well presented, just enough information to let your imagination do the rest. I found Andy's [...]

    25. Amy

      I usually like the apocalyptic genre and I liked one of Alex Scarrow’s books, A Thousand Suns, and that’s why I chose this one, but, sadly, it turned out to be a total disaster in the end. The ending of it destroyed absolutely everything, thanks to which I had no other option than to give just 1*. And now I really doubt that I’ll read the second part. I wanted to, but after thisAnyway, the beginning of it was quite Ok, though I thought it’d pick up some “speed”. Which it didn’t of [...]

    26. Nettle

      Took me about 5 hours with a physical book I guess? Almost a bad as the other Last Light book I read by accident, Terri Blackstock was it? At least that one was mildly entertaining.Read it if you like the genre and you can get a cheap copy, otherwise, it's nothing special.It was ok, I liked it eventually, but it wasn't overly memorable and the end was a bit disappointing. I'd also like to think that we'd cope a bit better than that. We've been through rationing before without society breaking do [...]

    27. Sandra Danby

      I’m sure that you, like me, watch end-of-the-world scenarios in films and wonder ’what would I do?’ That’s the thought I had reading ‘Last Light’. Oil consultant Andy Sutherland writes an investigate report for a client about what would happen if the world’s oil suppliers were cut off. Ten years later, the trigger points he identified start to happen. Within hours, society breaks down. Andy is in Iraq, his wife Jenny has packed her stuff ready to move out of the family home and has [...]

    28. Kevin

      Was a good read, evidenced by the fact it only took me 2 days to get it done with - the plot moves quickly and the subject matter is not only entertaining, but hits scarily close to home - it gets the reader thinking, and hopefully thats exactly what he was going for.There are some poor points to the book - SPOILER (sorry folks - need it for the examples)(view spoiler)[Andy's emergence from being a geeky dogooder type to a gun-toting survivor type is too polar opposite for example:Having never h [...]

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